Come shopping with me!

There was another vintage kilo sale on in my town and this is my favorite one! So I decided to take you along for the ride and have you come with me as I shop for some vintage fashion.

come shopping with me vintage fashion

My favorite vintage shop is the vintage kilo sale by The Vintage Rebel. I have been coming here every few months for the past few years and it’s the only vintage sale I can consistently find good things I love wearing. They usually sell things at a rate of €20 for a kilo of clothing, but this day it was €17.50 or €15 if you bought 3 kilos or more. Such a good deal as I paid just over €40 for everything.

Come Shopping with Me // Vintage Kilo Sale Fashion Haul

What do you think of the items I got and do you think I should take you shopping again some time?

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