Palettes Revisited

We know I love a good palette and it’s such a shame to leave your older palettes lying about as you explore new things. So I created this series to go back and revisit my older eyeshadow palettes and get more use out of them! Let’s try some older eyeshadow palettes.

eyeshadow palettes revisited older eyeshadow palettes

In these videos I also like asking myself: are these palettes still any good? Because formulas change, preferences change and makeup evolves, so will these palettes stand the test of time or have they been replaced by other things? Let’s find out!

Palettes Revisited // 7 Older eyeshadow palettes I used again. Are these still any good?

Mentioned in the video:

  • September Rose Slush
  • Menagerie Cosmetics Feral
  • Natascha Denona Retro Glam
  • Huda Beauty Purple Haze & Pastel Lilacs
  • Huda Beauty Khaki Haze & Emerald Obsessions
What are your favorite older eyeshadow palettes you want to use again?

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