Palette dupes

You know those eyeshadow palettes that tend to look the same? Ever wondered how similar they actually are? That’s what this newest eyeshadow palette series is all about: palettes that dupe the vibes. Today I am kicking things off with three palettes that I feel are very similar indeed. Two of these are straight up…

Battle of the Rosy palettes

In today’s video 4 rosy toned eyeshadow palettes will fight to the death to determine: which one of these is the best one?

Palettes I wish existed

Today I wanted to dig into some things I feel brands should do more of. These are eyeshadow palettes I wish existed.

Would I buy these palettes again?

Today I have another hypothetical one for you: what if these eyeshadow paletters were released today, would I buy them or would I repurchase them?