Fall 2022 Lookbook: Shop My Wardrobe

It’s fall! Which means it is time to dig around our wardrobes for something to wear. I decided to film my journey and shop my wardrobe with you to get some fall outfit inspiration.

fall 2022 lookbook outfit inspiration shop my wardrobe

In today’s video I will be mixing old and new pieces in 19 (!) different outfits. I play around with a few outfits as well to see what might work as well, showing you different options of how I would wear the same piece in different ways. I hope this is helpful if you’re in a rut with some pieces and can’t decide how to wear them.

Fall 2022 Lookbook // Shop my wardrobe with me for fall outfit inspiration

What do you plan on wearing this fall?

2 responses to “Fall 2022 Lookbook: Shop My Wardrobe”

  1. I love your taste! Thee are outfits I’d definitely wear I wish you’d have links so it’s easy or us to purchase. I believe then you also ocean which I know this takes work so I feel you deserve it and thank you for taking the time and putting this together I appreciate it

    • Hi! I can’t link to items that are no longer available and about 75% of what I am wearing in the video is at least 2 years old or vintage/ second hand. Also, I feature many items that are only available to me. So if I were to link you to for instance H&M you’d get a Dutch link and H&M availability differs between regions. An item in stock for me may be sold out or not sold at all where you live. Therefore I list where I got the item in the video. You’ll have to search for similar items yourself.

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