Wardrobe Declutter #3 Tops, Shirts & Blouses

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Time for wardrobe declutter no. 3! In this third episode we are tackling all of my tops, shirts and blouses. I have a lot, mainly because I have been investing in vintage and better quality items these past few years, but there’s lots of old things still mixed in. So there is a lot of overflow and it just needs a declutter.

wardrobe declutter 2023 tops shirts blouses

After today’s video we only have a few more episodes left. I still have dresses and all of my bottoms for you and then I still need to rearrange my loungewear and workout clothes. But first, let’s tackle the tops as there is a lot.

Wardrobe Declutter 2023 // Pt. 3 Tops, Shirts & Blouses

How did I do? I think I did fairly well, but I could have done better.

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