Wardrobe Declutter 2022

wardrobe declutter 2022

Today we are decluttering my wardrobe! Yes, I am keeping the spring cleaning train rolling and I wanted to do a massive closet clearout. I had to because my wardrobe was overflowing, I struggled putting clean clothes away and I don’t want to nor do I have the space to expand my wardrobe any time soon. On top of that, I have really been gravitating to some different elements in my style. This means I acquired more of some categories, meaning I can get rid of clothes in others. So let’s get ready to declutter.

Wardrobe Declutter 2022 // Clearing out my closet for spring

In this video I don’t show or talk too much about clothes apart from why I am getting rid of some pieces. I got rid of 4 trash bags worth of stuff! So I think I did quite well.

When did you last declutter your wardrobe?

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