What I Wore #18

what I wore

I realized I hadn’t done an old-fashioned outfit blog post for some time. Between lockdowns and winter and just being stuck at home I wasn’t wearing that many great outfits. But I did take some shots over time and so I thought I could show you a big collage of all of the different outfits I wore in the past few months. Some of these go back to before Christmas so if these aren’t all spring appropriate, you’ll know why. I also did something differently here: I sometimes also showed you how I layered my coats and bags with the outfit to show you how I wore things out and about. Hope you enjoy!

What I Wore #18 // 10 outfits I wore recently

what I wore
Christmas Day outfit

We’re kicking things off with my Christmas Day outfit. I wore quite a bit of ZARA. I bought the pieces seperately but thought I could combine them into a perfect green toned outfit. The blazer and the dress are both ZARA. The tights are Primark, the belt is H&M and the shoes are my trusty chelsea boots by Vagabond. This was comfortable and I thought the colors were perfect for Christmas and layered enough to keep me warm.

what I wore
A chilll outfit & my Christmas Day outerwear

Here we are two outfits, but really it’s only one as the second outfit here is just the outerwear I paired with my Christmas Day outfit. The first outfit is a chilled out outfit I wore on a day where I was stuck at home and didn’t feel like wearing sweatpants. I wore a black Weekday t-shirt, my Sézane reversible cardigan/ knit sweater, a pair of flared leggings from H&M and again the same chelsea boots as the outfit above. The outerwear I am wearing is a ZARA coat, a Monki hat, an H&M loose collar and my Polène bag.

what I wore
The same corduroy trousers, two different outfits

So the next two outfits are renditions of the same thing. I wore my burgundy Esprit corduroy trousers and wore it twice: once more casually and once a bit more dressed up. I wore the first outfit to a hairdresser’s appointment. I am wearing a Sézane marinière and my Dr. Marten’s chelsea boots in the first one. The second outfit I am wearing a brown H&M t-shirt, a vintage blazer and Vagabond Western boots.

what I wore
And here’s the outerwear + bag

And this is how I layered up the corduroy trousers outfit. I am wearing my H&M trenchcoat I bought last year. The bag is new and is from Arket.

what I wore
Jumpsuits for dance parties

So this outfit is the same twice. I wore this Monki jumpsuit with my busted old Converse that I like to wear for outdoor Lindyhop dances. It was the first dance I have been to in a long time, but I already figured out pre pandemic that a jumpsuit just makes for the best dance outfit. This one was perfect for the spring vibes.

what I wore
A vintage dress for Easter

So it was Easter not long ago and I knew straight away I had to take this vintage dress out for a spin. I bought it last year and because it is a bit too long in the body, I had to hike up the skirt with a belt. It’s the same H&M belt I wore int he first outfit. When I showed this dress in a video I paired it with a pair of dark green sling backs, but for spring I felt these silver brogues for Asos were a perfect fit. Again I wore my H&M trenchcoat and my Polène bag.

what I wore
Monki dress

This outfits is the last spring outfit I have for you today. I wore this fun Monki number to my dad’s birthday. Because of the dark green in the print I decided to go all dark green with my accessories. I again took out my Polène bag. It’s been my favorite ‘nice’ bag for outings like parties and birthdays. To keep the dark green trend going, I opted for my dark green suede Vila boots that I got on sale a few years ago.

what I wore
Two fall outfits

So these two outfits are from last fall, but I only now have the chance to share them with you. I wore a red Monki blouse with a pink Monki sweater vest, a pair of Topshop mom jeans and my River Island red boots. I felt this outift was super fun and it made for a great work outfit. Outift number 2 features a Monki striped turtleneck, a sleeveless H&M blazer, a black Topshop denim mink skirt and my cherry red Dr. Marten’s 1460.

what I wore
Beret time!

Finally, I know this doesn’t show my full outfit, but I liked the picture and so I figured I could show it to you. I am wearing a grey wool beret (but I don’t remember where it is from as I’ve had it for years). I am wearing a beige ZARA coat over a purple Monki turtleneck and a faux leather jumpsuit from H&M. I can’t remember the shoes I wore with this outfit.

What was your favorite outfit I featured?

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