Music of the moment (November 2013)

Now it’s been ages since I did one of these: more than 6 weeks ago. But of course I haven’t stopped listening to music. In fact, I’ve been listening to tons of new music. Mostly albums though and not my usual indieplaylists (which have been backlogged since August, yikes!), so it simply didn’t occur to me to do one of these. This week, I’ve decided to add it as a bonus post. Here’s what I’ve been listening to mostly.

Bastille – Icarus

Could this be my favorite new band of 2013? It might just be as I have had their album on repeat for the past 2 months. I finally picked up a copy when I was in London and they are about to release a 3 disc reissue which is high on my wishlist plus I have tickets to see them in March 2014.

Volcano Choir – Byegone

One of my favorite songs lately and I got to see this live during their first ever concert in Amsterdam on Saturday night. One of those bands which just becomes absorbed by their music and plays as if their lives depend on it. Not for those who are into easy listening music though: their first album Unmap literally contains only 1 song which is radio material.

Johnny Flynn – Country Mile

Finally, after 3 albums and my listening to all of them religiously for years I will be seeing this gentleman from the UK live for the first time tonight. If you’re unfamiliar with Johnny Flynn: he’s helped out playing the violin in Mumford & Sons songs, made songs together with Laura Marling and is part of that entire British folk trend that’s been around for a few years now.

London Grammar – Wasting my Young Years

Another album I picked up in the UK. This girl’s voice is phenomenal. The music is mainly subdued and slightly introvert, apart from this song which picks up in the middle. Great dreary afternoon music, which we are unfortunately seeing too much of lately.

Justin Timberlake – Only When I Walk Away

The second half of the 20/20 experience doesn’t have me ecstatic like the first, but still it has a few great songs on it. This one is my favorite. And guess what?! Yup got tickets for JT in Holland in April next year (I’m seeing a trend here).

Pet Shop Boys – Love is a Bourgeois Construct

Pet Shop Boys?! Yes, Pet Shop Boys. Those guys who most people know from their early 90s hit Go West. Their latest album, simply called Electric, is magnificent though. This song is my ultimate ‘happy’ song du moment and it’s Pet Shop Boys at their best.

Savages – She Will

On to something different, even for me: British 80s post punk by all girl band Savages. I saw them at Pukkelpop in August and LOVED their set. So much so that I bought tickets to see them this coming December. My friends than bought me their album for my graduation. Advice: Play Loud!

Robin Thicke – Give it 2 U

I can’t help but adore Robin Thicke’s album. I’ve loved his music ever since I heard Lost Without You (and I have that album too). It’s his voice, the slick falsetto, the smooth lyrics and the catchy tunes that got me hooked all those years ago and I still love it. Though R&B is no my usual mojo, I happily make an exception for Robin Thicke.

Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais – Summer Time Sadness (Remix)

My first dance classes after summer break started with a routine to this song. I’ve been finding myself appreciating Lana Del Rey’s music more and more and this song is no exception. To get that summer feeling back as the rain is pouring down outside.

That’s it! My favorites of the past few weeks. What are yours?

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