Turned up Thursday: Music ABC – E

Time for some random songs. And these couldn’t be any further apart. But they do tap into some of my favorite genres and songs. It even features a song that I used to love in my teens, but that I haven’t listened to for quite some time. When I was making this list it stood out to me as one of my favorite songs by that artist, so it was logical for me to include it. In any case, there’s a little bit for everyone in here. So maybe there’s something in there for you. In any case, have a listen and let me know in a comment below what you think.

Ego A Go Go – Robbie Williams

Let’s start with that song which I was talking about in the intro of this post. When I was in my teens I listened to my Robbie Williams CDs until my CD player wouldn’t play them anymore. I still like his music, though not all of it. His older stuff is still where my heart lies and this song in particular. Since Let Me Entertain You was heavily overplayed on both radio and MTV, I quickly had had enough of it by the time I bought his debut album. This song became its replacement.

Emergency 72 – Turin Brakes

On to some folky tunes. I bought Turin Brakes’s The Optimist LP when I first moved to Leiden to start my studies. So this song is inextricably linked to my student days. It was probably my first foray into folk type music, though this still has plenty of pop fused into it. Think: two guys and acoustic guitars. That’s all you need to make a song.

End of the Road – Boyz II Men

One of my ‘guilty’ pleasures is 90s R&B. And what better group to showcase my love for the genre by adding in some Boyz II Men? Because they are quite possibly the quintessential group that started off a whole movement of similar type music. End of the Road is dear to my heart. It is no secret I used to be an avid Backstreet Boys fan, and they used to sing this all the time in the early days of their career. And I loved it.

Endlich ein Grund zur Panik – Wir sind Helden

Yes, a German song. By a great German band. They had a minor hit in Holland a few years ago because one of their songs was used as a theme song surrounding a soccer championship, but that’s what made me check them out. I eventually bought their album. This is one of their older songs which I still listen to plenty of times. It’s a catchy pop/rock tune with an earwurm chorus.

Everlasting Arms – Vampire Weekend

One of my favorite albums released last year was Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City. This is my favorite song from that album together with Ya Hey.

What songs with an E do you dig?

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