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But don’t you love color? I do, but when I checked out the H&M sale, the only items that caught my eye were all black. It sometimes just happens like that. I got a few items I had been eyeballing which had been reduced and then I found a few other items I really like. In total I paid around 50 euros for all 6 items, which really isn’t bad. Here’s what I got.

Fuzzy black cardigan (€15)

Let’s start with an item that I had been eying up for a while. However at 35 euros I thought it was a bit much. I was hoping it would go on sale and it did! So now I have myself a black fluffy cardigan which was just the item my wardrobe needed.

Black structured body con dress (€10)

This dress was one I hadn’t seen before. It is made of a very sturdy material, which means it sucks you in in all the right places. And I like it when bodycon dresses do that. This definitely hugs every curve in the right way. Love it!

Floral print skater skirt (€7)

I saw this skirt when it first came into stores, but passed up on it as the size I usually wear was a bit tight and it came up super short. I simply sized up and this does work perfectly. Since I bought a larger size it not only fits better around my waist, but it’s also longer which will mean you can wear this without adding on a pair of shorts.

Thick lace skater dress (€10)

This skater dress is made of a very thick neoprene/ scuba like material and has a lace insert along the middle section as well as a lace back. I tried this on just one or two weeks ago and despite liking it very much I decided against buying it at the time. Mainly because I hoped for this too that it would go on sale and I would get it at a cheaper price. And it did!

Long flowy cardigan (€7)

Waterfall cardigans are not really my thing. They usually add bulk around the chest area, which is a place where I don’t need to get any more bulk. But this one is very long and the waterfall effect starts at just the right part of my body to make it work. It’s also not too thick, which is nice, because I didn’t have a thin long sleeved cardigan in my wardrobe yet.

Stretchy faux leather bodycon dress (€7)

Last but not least, the best deal I got. This dress was originally €24.95 and I paid 7 euros. Again an item that I had already spotted and tried on before. But again, knowing this might go on sale, I decided against it and when I saw it being reduced so much I knew I had to take it home. No clue when or where I will be wearing this any time soon as it’s quite thick and more winter like, but hey, I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.

What sale items did you pick up?

2 responses to “An all black H&M sale shoplog”

  1. karinmeerbeauty Avatar

    De jurkjes vind ik vooral erg leuk. Ik ben nog helemaal niet in de sale wezen kijken vanwege m’n heupblessure, maar zodra ik weer beetje pijnvrij kan lopen ga ik ook even de stad in. Kan nog wel wat jurkjes gebruiken

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ik hoop voor je dat het zo over is. H&M heeft/ had best een aantal leuke dingen. Verder heb ik nog niks bekeken.

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