Collective fashion haul

It is sale time, which means I went out & shopped! Not all of it was on sale, and not all of it was bought in one go, but I thought I could show you once again my purchases of the past few months. I bought workout gear, some festive clothing items and I’ve noticed my style is changing again: I am all about thin knit sweaters and a-line skirts. Curious to see what I got? Then click to see the video!

A few of the items you will see in the video.

Items shown in this video (links provided where possible)

  • H&M black & white work out top
  • H&M black & white work out top
  • H&M neon yellow & grey sports bra
  • H&M black baggy work out top with 94 & mesh detail
  • H&M bright multi colored work out leggings
  • H&M black yoga leggings
  • Monki grey ribbed t-shirt
  • Forever 21 soft grey knit sweater
  • Forever 21 red ribbed t-shirt
  • Forever 21 faux leather a-line skirt
  • Forever 21 grey a-line skirt
  • Topshop burgundy corduroy skirt
  • Topshop wavy striped sweater
  • Topshop striped sweater
  • Pull & Bear thin knit striped sweaters (x3)
  • H&M forest green lace skater dress
  • H&M thin knit turtle neck sweater
  • H&M scuba structured turtle neck sweater
  • H&M faux leather leggings
  • H&M cable knit turtle neck sweater
  • H&M black velvet mini skirt
  • H&M black pencil skirt
  • H&M black glitter skirt
  • Zara monochrome print knit skater dress
  • ASOS grey ribbed dress
  • ASOS floral wiggle dress
  • H&M metallic chelsea boots
  • H&M leopard chelsea boots
  • Dr. Marten’s patent leather 1461
Psst, there is another video coming up soon which will show you the beauty items I purchased.

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  1. […] Where my previous outfit inspiration posts featured outfits that I wore either at random times or all in the same week, this blog post features some outfits that I threw together for the purpose of the post. That doesn’t mean that I won’t wear these out. In fact, these are all potential outfits I had in mind that I wanted to try out and see how they would look on. And I simply decided to share that process with you. I love experimenting with clothes and have made plenty of mishaps in the past. And I still do from time to time. However, I liked putting together the outfits I have in mind and just see if they work. That is why this blog post is a) picture heavy and b) filled with new items I showed you last month. […]

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