Instanails #3

Nail polish was my first beauty love, but lately it’s been put on the back burner a bit. After I was sick during fall I didn’t feel I had the time to be painting my nails and so I kind of neglected them for a bit. The result? Hideous looking nails. It took quite some time for me to grow them back and get them back into shape and it’s only been since the past few weeks that I have been loving wearing nail polish again. Which is why I am bringing you an overview of 6 different NOTDs that I wore these past few months.

Overview of 6 different NOTDs I wore in the past few months

It’s been a while since I wore some of these polishes and manicures, so I am not entirely sure anymore what nail polish it might be. What I do know is that if you like to know firsthand what I am wearing on my nails, then check out my Instagram account (@indiequeen84) as I always show them first on there. Click here to see the previous installment.

Revlon Parfumerie nail polish Autumn Spice

Does Revlon still do these polishes? I’d had this polish for so long and just never got round to wearing it. Last fall, I finally decided it was time to bust it out and I absolutely adored this. The color is a great dark brown with copper shimmer. The only thing I was not a fan of was the scent: everything I touched my face or had something to eat I would catch a whiff of a spicy cinnamon smell that actually gave me a headache.

OPI You’re Such a Budapest & OPI A Grape Fit! topped up with the Essence Cinderella collection top coat

I love pairing some high end with a more budget option. I thought the top coat went really nicely with the two different shades of purple/ periwinkle blue. It is nice and chunky and packs a lot of punch. A glitter top coat to my heart’s desire.

OPI De-signer De-Better

Who still remembers the OPI x Muppets collection? That’s what this polish is from. It is one of my most favorite OPI polishes and I love bringing it out during the darker winter months as I love how it is shiny but not too shiny and the touch of red reflects makes this polish all the more special. Remember that I said my nails were in quite a state for some time? Well, here’s proof. My nails just kept breaking for a while, something I notice happening during the colder months a lot more. They seem to be doing better again after taking better care of them and my cuticles.

OPI Comet Closer

What completely sparked my joy for nail polish again were some new polishes that came out: the OPI & Essie Christmas collection and the offerings of the Essence nail polish advent calendar. This polish is from OPI’s Holiday 2015 collection and was the first one that I knew I had to pick up. It didn’t last very long on my nails though, but I love how this polish is in between gold and silver which I think really suits my skin tone.

OPI Give Me Space

Another OPI Holiday 2015 polish! Yep, once I got my hands on these, I knew I would love them. The dark blue sparkle of this polish is another great match. In the right light (i.e. direct sunlight) the shimmer in this pulls multicolored which makes this polish all the more stunning on the nail. Really one of those: but I can’t stop staring at my nails kind of polish.

Rimmel Pillow Talk & OPI Pirouette my Whistle

Last but not least a picture of what I am currently wearing on my nails. That’s right! I did this manicure on Tuesday evening and it is still going strong. Pale blue is one of my favorite nail polish shades to wear and topped with a white and silver glitter topcoat I felt it looked like ice: perfect for a winter manicure.

What are you currently wearing on your nails?

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