Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (old vs new formula)

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Bourjois has reformulated their Healthy Mix foundation and I was curious to try it. The old version is one of my favorite drugstore foundations, but it is a bit too dark and yellow for me on most days. This is why I don’t reach for it all that often. The newer formula promises to be even more beneficial to your skin and it also comes in a very light shade: 51 Light Vanilla. Here’s how the old Healthy Mix formula compares to the new one.

 photo bourjois2healthymix1_zpsvrmnzdgf.jpgBourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 Light Vanilla

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is a cult classic that is loved by many. It retails for around the €15 mark, but you can find it cheaper online. Or you can do what I did: buy it in an offer. I believe the store had a ‘all Bourjois face products for 8 euros sale going on’. It is in these sales that I prefer to buy foundations to begin with. I already reviewed the older formula in this old blog post. What do I think of this new foundation?

The Packaging

 photo bourjois2healthymix2_zpsltpyjzo8.jpgThe packaging has been updated as much as the formula. It is still a glass bottle with a pump, but where the old foundation came in a round bottle, this one is square. The lid is a transparent red, while the old one was clear. Overall it is a bit more clean looking and I like the way this looks now.

The Product

 photo bourjois2healthymix3_zpszhb223ob.jpgWhat this foundation promises to give you is a radiant, glowy skin that is hydrated and no longer dull and tired looking. As the name suggests, this promises to give you fresh and healthy looking skin. Where that was most certainly true for the old formula, will it be the same for this one?

The Shade

 photo bourjois2healthymix4_zpstv0ycekh.jpgWhile I loved the formula on the old Healthy Mix, it was the shade that was the biggest let down for me. It was simply a hair too dark for my super pale skin. I did continue to wear it on and off, especially in the summer months. I was under the impression that this foundation came in an even lighter shade than before, but that is not true: 51 Light Vanilla has always been the lightest shade available and it still is.

The Pump

 photo bourjois2healthymix5_zpsvi717u3a.jpgOne thing I like about the Healthy Mix foundation is the pump. Luckily that hasn’t changed. The pump is the exact same as on the old bottle, which makes it hygienic to use and easy to dispense. The pump dispenses just the right amount of product for one application.

Old vs New formula

 photo bourjois2healthymix6_zpsfy21dpj0.jpgLeft: new formula
Right: old formula

The main difference between these two is one: the shade; and two: the texture. The new formula is simply a completely different foundation. It is a lot more thin and watery and has a pinky undertone once blended out. The old formula is thicker, lighter in color, but also has a quite yellow undertone. The coverage on the new foundation seems to be better, while the older one looks a little bit patchy.

The Formula

 photo bourjois2healthymix7_zpsxwsfedri.jpgWhen you start blending this out you know why this new formula is my favorite one of the two. Its watery consistency allows for a very easy to blend foundation. Once blended out completely it is nearly undetectable on the skin, save for a radiant glow. On the back of my hand it still seemed a little bit too dark for me, but once I applied it to my face, I soon found out that this is a much better match for me than the old shade.

The Application

 photo bourjois2healthymix8_zpseujwo5wd.jpgLeft: no foundation
Right: new Healthy Mix formula on one half of my face

As you can see in this picture, this foundation looks very natural. It isn’t patchy, it is glowy and quite brightening. It covers my redness easily and there is a good even coverage. I would say this is a light to medium coverage foundation.

Old vs New

 photo bourjois2healthymix9_zpsspnyizxf.jpgWhen you blend this out towards your neck, it is far less noticeable than in the older version. This is due to the thin consistency. Despite it looking darker in the swatch, this is a better shade match for me than the older formula. And see that shine on my cheek? That is JUST the foundation. I am not wearing anything but the foundation on the picture on the left.

The picture on the right shows you the new formula on the left, and the old formula on the right. The differences are small once applied to the face but they are there. The old formula is thicker, more difficult to blend nicely and is much more yellow toned. On me, I like the left side of my face more than the right, but if you didn’t know I was wearing two different foundations here, I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.

The Conclusion

 photo bourjois2healthymix10_zpsoyevg6l3.jpg

I prefer the new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation over the old formula. It is thinner, more lightweight and easier to blend. I also prefer the shade match on me. Because it has a thinner texture, this sheers out and blends into the skin much more than the old formula did. I think Bourjois did a great job updating this formula.

What is your favorite drugstore foundation?

21 responses to “Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (old vs new formula)”

  1. Adryana Avatar

    That was a great post! I always like to read comparison posts. My favourite foundation is Revlon Colorstay. I haven’t found (not that I’m searching lol) a better foundation.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thank you! I thought it would be best to compare the two since I have both. As you know I love trying new products, so I am always on the lookout for new formulas to try.

  2. colourfulmishmash Avatar

    The new formula is perfect for me. I want that look where it seems like I’m not wearing any foundation but there is still a glow factor. It’s “healthy mix” indeed!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I know right! I love foundations that do that too, although I’ve been finding myself liking a fuller coverage these days as well.

      1. colourfulmishmash Avatar

        You have great skin. Theres not much coverage needed I think

      2. indiequeen84 Avatar

        Aw thanks so much!

  3. chucky1012 Avatar

    I haven’t try this but I find this make-up brand great.
    I do use this make-up sinds I was younger.


    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Bourjois is a great brand. One of the better ones in the drugstore.

  4. zazazoobeauty Avatar

    Mooi! Ik vind hem zelf niet zo heel fijn en wat te dun voor mijn acnehuid.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja als je wat meer dekking nodig hebt dan kun je deze beter skippen. Voor mij is het precies goed omdat ik alleen wat roodheden wil camoufleren.

  5. stashy Avatar

    Very helpful! I’ve only tried the Healthy Mix Serum, which I liked. I’ll have to give this new version a try. My favourite drugstore foundation right now is the Maybelline SuperStay. 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I’ve heard great things about that one too!

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  7. Joyce Belfort Avatar

    I also like the new formula better. It is less patchy for sure.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Hear hear!

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