My most comfortable shoes

Today’s fashion post isn’t perhaps the most stylish one, but it is definitely practical. I love shoes, but when it comes to the pairs I wear the most, they are the ones that I find the most comfortable. You know the ones: once you’ve worn them in, you just can’t take them off because they are so comfy? Those shoes. Here are some of my favorites. (Yes, there’s more).

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5 most comfortable pairs of shoes

ASOS Chelsea Boots
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These Chelsea boots are one of my top 10 pairs of shoes. This has been such a good buy. I wore these for a full day in which I walked for hours on end around London last year. I wore them so much, that I had to have them resoled after one season of wear. The leather on these is thin and stretchy, yet they have held up very well and looked great after a bit of a polish.

Dr. Marten’s 1461 PW
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The first ever pair of Dr. Marten’s that didn’t need any breaking in. Need I say more? I bought this pair in London last year as I was looking for a shoe that would be a great one to wear in the summer/ spring time. I wanted it to be more lightweight than my black 1461s that took quite some time to break in. These aren’t full leather, but they still have that sturdy Dr. Marten’s sole. I love wearing these with jeans, but I also like these with dresses.

New Look strappy sandals
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I always struggle finding sandals. They are strappy and my feet are wide with a high arch, which makes it a nightmare to find a good pair of sandals that fit but don’t rub. They did need a bit of breaking in as they were quite snug at first, but this is one of my favorite pairs of summer shoes. Because they go up to your ankle they keep your feet nice and secure and the tan color ensures they go with everything.

New Look Chelsea boot
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Quite possibly the oldest pair of shoes in this blog post: these New Look Chelsea boots became an instant favorite when I bought them. They are flat, that heel is really nothing to write home about, and they go with nearly everything. My favorite time of year to wear these is in the fall. They go perfectly with black jeans or tights and these literally go with everything in my wardrobe.

Nike Internationalists
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I bought these shoes after completely wrecking my trusty pair of Roshe. While incredibly comfortable, the Roshe Run doesn’t have a lot of stability to them. After wearing them for one or two summers, the soles had completely lost it’s bounciness and the backing that keeps your heel in place had stretched out. So I wanted a sneaker that would be more shoe like and offer more support. I bought these and they have been one of my favorite summer shoe. The light color doesn’t make them great in the rain/ sleet/ snow we get in other times of the year.

What is your most comfortable pair of shoes?

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  1. I love the sandals! I should find something like that for me too. When buying shoes then I usually aim for following brands : Tamaris, Caprise, Marco Tozzi, and Jana. They have a wider insole and a good quality 👌

    • We have Tamaris here, but I have never bought anything from them though. While usually wide enough, I am not a big fan of their overall style of shoes.

      • We get different brands again of course. There is a store that sells some Toms in my town, but they don’t really have a good selection. And I find it difficult to buy shoes online if I’ve never been able to try them on before.

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