Victoria’s Secret bra collection

My favorite store in the world to shop for undergarments is Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been getting things from their physical and online stores since 2005. I remember going into the store for the first time. It was on one of my trips to New York City. I was blown away by the amazing service and not unimportant: their amazing bras. Forget about Victoria’s Secret beauty products (which I hear most Dutch people rave about): once you try one of their bras you will never want to go back. I even gave up shopping for bras at any other store. By now I have gathered quite the stash. My favorite one I’ve had since 2008 and it’s still going strong. That’s how good these bras are. They’re of great quality and comparable to bras that are 2x to 3x more expensive. Since I Iove their bras so much (and because I purchased a couple of new ones this month), I thought it was high time to show you my Victoria’s Secret bra stash.

All together in my drawer

One reason why I fell in love with Victoria’s Secret is because they sell bras that go up to size DDD which do not look like something your grandma would wear. I’ve always been well-endowned in the chest area and as a teenager or 20-something you’d rather not wear one of those all white, lined cup, bras that you can only find in the furthest away corner of the store. I remember going to my local lingerie store after my first trip to Victoria’s Secret and feeling horrible after realizing that the only thing available in my size were bras that looked old-fashioned and even offered ill-support.

Victoria’s Secret bras come in very many different shapes too. So whether you have round breasts, pointy breasts, hardly any breasts or a full bust: there is something to suit your needs. It was a breath of fresh air to me when I found out that they sold bras that had padding, were unlined and thus invisible underneath a t-shirt and still offered plenty of support. The only disadvantage is that the different lines of bras get redesigned every once and a while. I have many bras that are from discontinued lines, but that still fit like a charm.

My advice to anyone interested in buying from Victoria’s Secret (and especially if you do not live near one) is to go to one first. Save up some money and go to London or the US to get yourself fitted. You have to find out which bras will fit first else the amount on offer can be quite overwhelming. So trying them on is a must. Luckily, if you go into a store and tell them you’re looking for something but have never been they whip out their drawer of ‘trial’ bras. It means you get to try on all the bras they have in store to find out which ones you like best. Then you go into the store and find the colors you like. It’s what I tend to do and then when I know what fits best I will place an order through their website as they ship internationally (but which is outrageously expensive).

Remember these bras will last you a long time if you take care of them properly. The only time I got rid of bras is because they had gotten too big (because I lost weight) or because they looked a bit murky as they were light colors and I had been wearing them under dark clothes too much. I never had to throw them out because they broke or became tatty looking. In other words: they are definitely worth the investment. Which is why I decided on sharing this info with you. Since VS changes their website so much that the links go dead the minute you post them, and I have bras from light years ago, I though it would be good if I just photographed what I have and explain what everything is and why I like them.

Anywho, without further ado: my Victoria’s Secret bra stash:

Biofit uplift demi bra in black & black w/ invisible lace

This particular bra has been discontinued. I was sad to find out that they were. I have 2 more of these in different colors (featured below) and they are simply amazing. They have a bit of a lift but it’s not as full on as when you’re wearing a push up bra. They look especially amazing under tighter tops and even go underneath low cut tops as the cups are cut out quite deeply in the middle.

Showstopper Full Coverage bra in midnight navy w/ purple embellishments & Body by Victoria IPEX Full coverage bra in black

The one of the left is brand new (I have yet to wear it) the one on the right I’ve had for years. The left one has a bit more shape to it, but I find these fit roughly the same. The way I see it, the Showshopper has replaced the Body IPEX line. Both types are insanely comfortable, go underneath everything and offer plenty of support. They are also very soft.

Showstopper Full Coverage bra in raspberry ice & Biofit Uplift Demi bra in red lace

Same as the bras featured above, but in very fun colors. I bought the neon pink one when I was in the States last summer. I thought it would be nice to have a bright pink one for summer when you sometimes have your bra peeking through. Better make it a fun color when it does! And I think every girl should have a red bra. It just adds a bit of sexiness to your underwear drawer.

Showstopper Full Coverage bra & Incredible Push Up bra, both in starlet pink with foil lace

Forget nude colored bras. I have honestly never understood the ‘nude’ bra. They ALWAYS show underneath my clothes, because I am simply too pale. My solution: wear muted pink colors like the ones feature in this post. Fits much better, much less visible than nude colored bras and just looks better overall. The two bras featured here are both brand new. I just tried out the one on the right as I hadn’t tried the Incredible Push Up version yet and oh my god: it’s so fits so amazing;y well I don’t want to take it off.

Incredible Front-Close Racer Back Push Up bra with lace sling in soft nude/ eve blush & Biofit Uplift Demi bra in whisper pink

Again and oldie and a newie. On the left is a brand new one and I’m still a bit undecided on how comfortable this one is. It looks very nice on and it is comfortable, but it will not be suitable for wearing underneath tight shirts in summer as the cups start cutting into my chest at the end of the day. The one of the right is one of my favorites. The pale pink color makes it perfect for wearing underneath lighter colored shirts.

Angels Secret Embrace Push Up bra in ivory w/ embroidery & Incredible Demi bra in white & black lace

I used to have a ton of these Secret Embrace bras. Unfortunately, when I lost some weight I also lost a cupsize and had to buy all my bras anew. By that time, this line had been discontinued already, but I still found one of them in the Semi-Annual sale. Still one of my favorite bras. The Incredible Demi is fairly new. I bought it over summer, together with the bright pink one and the one you can see below. Also soft and comfortable but I’m curious to see how long it will last as the straps are not adjustable: they adjust themselves as you are wearing the bra.

Body Multi-Way bra in bluff

Last but not least my favorite strapless bra. Comes without the horrible plastic lines that some strapless bras have. It is therefore much more comfortable and fits very nicely. Plus don’t forget that finding a nude colored strapless bra is very hard to find. This is a lighter nude color and I find that this matches my skin tone fairly well. It doesn’t show up under my clothes and it is study enough to offer support so I don’t get a backache after a few hours (that would be the other downside to other strapless bras).

Where do you shop for bras?

12 responses to “Victoria’s Secret bra collection”

  1. De Hunkemoller heeft de afgelopen jaren GELUKKIG heel veel bijgeleerd qua grote maten… in alle kleuren ook! Maar ik hoop nog steeds dat ik een keer tegen een Victoria’s Secret-winkel aanloop 😀

  2. my wife is looking for a comparable bra to replace the VS Secret Embrace. Do you have any models that I can buy her for xmas?

      • I love my biofit VS bras. But since they have been discontinued I am not sure what the replacement is. The Naked has no padding, but the others seem to have much more padding. Biofit seemed just right. What would you consider the current replacement for the biofit line?

      • What I go with now is the Showstopper, but they are very different from the Biofit. I think I even have the full coverage, so maybe you could try it in a demi and see?

      • Read earlier this morning that the BioFit got a new relaunch with Playboy in a line called BIOFITxPlayboy. Haven’t been able to try and see if they’re the same as they only ship within the USA and I’m in The Netherlands – like the owner of this blog. As for VS BioFit’s, I’ve been stocking up on eBay but they’re becoming rather scarce now in my petite A chest.

      • Oh yes I know VS ships internationally and indeed it’s mighty expensive as you say and it’s even gotten more expensive. Whereas earlier this year I really cheered over the fact they finally accepted PayPal as payment method but now they’ve partnered with an external shipping service they’ve lost me as a customer because this way it got way too expensive. eBay is now my only place left to grab Victoria’s Secret as my lingerie drawer still consists 90% out of Victoria’s Secret and the other remaining 10% is Hunkemöller and love VS too much to let their brand completely go.

  3. Thx for this post. The only bra I ever loved (so far) was the VS Ipex. I was so sad when it was done away with. I appreciate your detailed information on the newer models. The Ipex was so well made that only now do I find I need to replace my last ones. My question is: how do you wash your bras? What do you think is the best way to care for them so they last as long as poss?

    • I use little baggies in which I also wash my hosiery. And only wear them for a day or two in a row. The less you wear them for longer periods of time the longer they’ll last.

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