Get ready for X-mas: outfits

Stumped for what to wear this Holiday season? Then fret no longer. I thought it would be fun to show you some potential outfits, make up and nail looks that I would wear/ will be wearing for Christmas. To not overwhelm you all too much I decided to split up the posts. Today is part one and it features outfits. Now, in my opinion, nothing is more festive than wearing a dress. This post features 4 options, but don’t worry, if you’re not into dresses, I also have a pants option to show you. All dresses were purchased during the past few months so you should/ may still be able to find these in stores. Two of these outfits I already wore to Christmas parties at work and another I plan on wearing on Boxing Day when I’m visiting some family. I hope you enjoy it and stay tuned, because tomorrow’s post will feature a few make up looks for your inspiration.

Option #1: Sequins

Taupe & cream sequin & tulle dress  (H&M)

Grey cardigan (H&M)

Grey stiletto heels with studded platform (Van Haren)

Grey quilted belt (Pieces)

Christmas means sparkles and this dress most certainly does. It is super girly and fun. It shows off just enough leg and will fit many body types. To balance out the outfit and not make it too cute, I added a chunky belt and a pair of high heels with stud detail. This dress is an absolute steal. I bought it on sale for only 10 euros 2 weeks ago and they are still available as far as I know. I went with a cardigan to cover up a bit as I wore this to work. Cardigan, shoes and belt I’ve had for years, but they do similar items like this year round so I’m sure you can find similar items lying about.

Option #2: Burgundy

Eggplant/ Burgundy faux wrap silk dress (Vila)

Filigree earrings (H&M)

Black stiletto heel (Van Haren)

Want to be on trend and still look festive? This dress is absolutely perfect to do that. The silky finish of the material makes the dress ideal for many occasions. The style is a faux wrap dress with a narrow waist and circle type skirt. I kept the rest very simple and threw on some cheap sheer black tights and black high heels. I felt opaque tights would have made the look too solid looking, so I went with sheer tights instead. Looks a bit more sophisticated I think.

Option #3: Turn on the Christmas Lights

Black & multicolored print tulle dress (H&M)

Black leather belt (my mom)

Sheer black polka dot tights (Primark)

Black high heeled bootie (Van Haren)

Another work Christmas party outfit. Doesn’t that print remind you of an artsy picture taken of some Christmas lights? The black tulle that covers the dress mutes the brightness of the pattern ever so slightly and makes it a bit girly too. I added the polka dot tights for a bit of fun. I’m wearing an long sleeved t-shirt from H&M under the dress as the tulle/ mesh fabric is quite coarse. Again, this dress is now on sale at H&M for only 10 euros. So if you’re still looking for a fun dress: go go go!

Option #4: A pop of color

Cobalt blue lace and chiffon dress (H&M)

Purple and rhine stone chunky necklace (H&M)

Nude patent heeled pumps (Van Haren)

Why wear plain black if you can brighten up everyone’s day by wearing a bright color? I personally love simple dresses that simply have a fun print, or like this one: a fun color. The blue is the perfect cobalt color. I added this necklace for a bit of sparkle to add to the festiveness of the dress. Because you could always wear this dress any other time of year. It doesn’t have to be Christmas per se. I kept the shoes nude to make my legs look longer and to not go completely crazy.

Option #5: Printed pants

Khaki green button down shirt (ZARA)

Green paisley print cashmere trousers (ZARA)

Gold & mint colored earrings (Forever 21)

Green suede stiletto pumps (Asos)

If you’re not into dresses a nice pair of pants and a button down with some classy jewelry will do. I went with my new favorite pants: my printed trousers from ZARA. I added my khaki green button down to keep up with the green theme, but of course a white or black shirt could work just as nicely. I thought keeping it within the same color family would give the outfit some more cohesion. The platform heels from Asos complete the green theme and I don’t know why but I always think green and gold look amazing together. So I took out these massive earrings from Forever 21 to complete the outfit.

I hope this post gave you some ideas if you hadn’t decided what to wear just yet. Just in time too, as you can still run to a store near you and pick up any of these items. Good luck. Oh and what do you all think of my ‘new’ location?

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  1. nummer 1 staat je supergoed! nummer 5 vind ik ook leuk maar dan apart van elkaar, anders wordt het wat te groen vind ik.

  2. Leuke post! Ik vind outfit nummer 3, 5 en de broek van outfit 5 je het mooist staan. Jurkje 1 is is erg cute maar doet niet veel voor je figuur (lijkt niet mooi te zitten bij je buste) en jurk 4 vind ik meh. De broek van outfit 5 is ge-wel-dig maar ik zou de legerblouse erboven iets meer openknopen omdat het er nu een beetje opgepropt uitziet. Fijne kerst!

  3. Allemaal leuk! 1 is idd heel erg gaaf, de lichte kleuren passen op een of andere manier heel mooi bij je huid. 2 is chique, 3 feestelijk en grappig, 4 chique en feestelijk 🙂 En ja, 5, gave broek en schoenen (superleuk dat je groene schoenen hebt)! Misschien een andere blouse erbij, een witte ofzo. Of idd bovenste knoopjes open. Of iets met een vest. Jij ook fijne kerst!!

  4. Please help me the first dress, could you please tell me the item number? I’m trying to find that dress with customer service and they are asking me for the item number.

  5. […] It’s not as if I will never wear these outfits. I can wear these dresses, jackets and skirts as often as I’d like. However, an item such as the black sequined shorts that are featured here, is something I will not wear on the daily. But all of the other items I can also chuck on in different combinations or even as is, and where to work or whenever I feel a bit more dressy. I did another one of these posts 2 years ago. So if you’d like to see what I came up then, feel free to see that by clicking here. […]

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