Essence New Lipsticks Fall/ Winter 2021 review

In today’s post we are looking at the new Essence lipsticks for their fall/ winter 2021 update. This review encapsulates the Soft Precise lip liners and the Hydrating Nude and Cool Collagen Plumping lipsticks.

Top 10 Indie brands to try

Today’s extra video is my top 10 of indie makeup brands to try if you want to try some different eyeshadow.

New Catrice Fall/ Winter 2021

Today’s video is all about the new products Catrice has launched for their fall/ winter 2021 collection. Yes, we are talking fall/ winter, in August…

Top 10 Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palettes

In this video we are taking a look at top 10 cool toned eyeshadow palettes. Because if we’re talking all thing palettes, I can’t leave out my favorite: cool tones!

Eyeshadow Palette Collection tag

Today I have another video for you as part of my palette extravaganza! I present to you the eyeshadow palette collection tag.

Shop My Stash August 2021

In this video we are doing my August shop my stash! I review my July products and select the products to try in August.

New Makeup Releases August 2021

In today’s I am doing an exciting announcement AND I chat about all the new makeup releases that have been happening these past few weeks.

GRWM: July Shop My Stash

Today’s video is a full face makeup look using items that I selected for my July Shop My Stash.

10+ Palette Review

In today’s video I am reviewing almost 15 eyeshadow palettes that I tried recently.

Wardrobe Tour 2021 + Declutter Pt. 2

In this video we are looking at every piece in my wardrobe in my jumpsuits, blazers and occasion wear sections. Oh and we do a bit of a declutter at the same time!

10 New Foundations to Try

Today I am chatting to you about 10 new in foundations and skin tints which I hope to try out for you in the next few months. Which one do you want me to review first?

GRWM: June Shop My Stash

In this video I will be getting ready using a full face makeup look with products from my June Shop My Stash.

Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palette Guide 2021

In today’s video I am doing a roundup of all the cool toned neutral eyeshadow palettes that I tried in recent months. The video includes soe swatches and looks as I haven’t gotten round to revieiwn these palettes indepth onthe blog just yet, save for one. So I figured I could do an overview of…

Drugstore makeup starter kit 2021

What drugstore makeup products are great if you are starting out in makeup? Why not chat about a full face of my favorite drugstore products to help you out?!

Playing with Single Eyeshadows

In this video we are having a bit of fun as we are playing with some indie makeup eyeshadow singles again. I reorganize some of my palettes and include a mini declutter.

10×10 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

In this fashion video I am doing a slightly different fashion video from my usual! I will be doing a 10×10 capsule wardrobe where I style up 10 items into 10 different outfits.