Winter 2021 Lookbook

In today’s video I am styling up 10 apple shape friendly outfits for a petite frame that are perfect for the winter time. It’s lookbook time!

10 Eyeshadow Palette Review

I have tried 10+ eyeshadow palettes again, so time to update you on how I got on. This is my January 2021 10 eyeshadow palette review.

Make Up Memory Box

Today I am sharing my makeup memory box with you. Because I keep some items around that I no longer use, but that have so many memories attached.

Coat Collection 2021

I love coats! That’s why I have quite a few. Let’s try them all on and show them to you.

Winter fashion haul 2021

In this video I will be showing you my winter fashion haul featuring lots of items I got over the past few months including in the winter sales.

Perfume collection 2021

In today’s post we have an in-depth look at my 2021 perfume collection and we also do a bit of a declutter.

Shop My Stash January 2021

In this video I will be shopping my stash for some new makeup to try in January 2021. Well new… I am mainly going back to some old favorites!

Top 10 eyeshadow palettes of 2020

Today is the final end of year video. And I have saved the best for last. These are my top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes of 2020.

Top 10 Cheek makeup 2020

In my next installment of my 2020 makeup favorites we will be focusing on cheeks. These are all my favorite bronzers, highlighters and blushes of the year.

Top 10 Complexion Makeup of 2020

Another installment of my 2020 yearly favorites! Today we’re talking complexion products so think anything base makeup such as foundation, concealer and primer.

Most Disappointing Makeup of 2020

In today’s end of year video I will be taking about all the products I tried that stood out to me as just not living up to my expectations. Let’s talk about my most disappointing products of 2020.

Favorite Winter palettes

A palette for every season?! Yup that’s what we’re going with today. These are my top 10 favorite eyeshadow palettes for winter.

Anastasia vs Zoeva foundation

Are you ready for a foundation wear test? I put on both the ABH Luminous and Zoeva Authentik Skin foundations and had them battle out. Which of these is the best?

Black Friday Haul

In this video I will be showing you my black friday haul. Curious to see what I bought?

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are some of my favorites but I have never shown these all together before. High time then to do a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection.

Blush Collection 2020

Today I will be showing you my entire blush collection. I will be swatching each one for you and tell you what I think.

Bronzer Collection Tag

Today we are discussing the bronzer collection tag. Want to know all about my bronzers? Well here ya go!

New makeup releases // December 2020

It’s the first Sunday of the month and that means we are gearing up for the last discussion of new makeup releases of 2020. With this being Holiday season some good things were announced and of course some of these bits came out for Black Friday and I may have already bought some of these!…

Shop My Stash December 2020

The year is almost over! It is December and we are shopping my stash to select some new items for my everday makeup drawer.

Luxury makeup not worth the money

Not all products are created equal, not even the most expensive of products. These are some of my least favorite luxury makeup products.

Bronzer collection 2020

After posting my highlighter collection, today it is time to show you my entire bronzer collection. Including swatches and mini reviews!

Full Face of Too Faced makeup look

Time for another full face makeup look. This time we are using Too Faced products and save for some brow products I have everything here.

Trying on all my cardigans

We all know I love a good cardigan. So I figured: why not put them all on and show them to you? Guess what today’s video is all about? Yup!

Blush Collection Tag

Tag time! I spotted the blush collection tag going round and decided to do it. Let’s go!

10 Palette Review

I have tried a number of eyeshadow palettes again: more than 10 actually. So today we are doing some quick reviews incl. swatches and looks.

Shop My Stash November 2020

Since it is the start of the month we are changing out my everyday makeup drawer again! So let’s shop my stash and find some products to wear in November.

Zoeva Authentik Skin concealer review

After trying the Zoeva Authentik skin foundation and liking it, I thought we could also try out the brand’s concealer. Will this work as well as the foundation?

Single Shadow Collection

I talk a lot about eyeshadow palettes on here. But I also love my single shadow collection. So let’s have a closer look at that.

MAC Swatch Party

Time for another single shadow swatch party. Say hello to my collection of MAC single eyeshadows.

Lethal Cosmetics Swatch Party

Are you ready for a swatch party? In today’s video I will be swatching all 25 shades I own by lethal cosmetics.

Fall Fashion Haul 2020

Time for my favorite fashion season! Fall time! So you know what time it is: yes it is time for a fall fashion haul.

Essence Fall/ Winter 2020

To my surprise the new Essence products for fall/ winter 2020 are already out! So I decided to whip out my camera and film a full face first impression.

Eyeshadow Wardrobe Tag

Tag time! I saw the eyeshadow wardrobe tag going around a lot and thought I could do it too.

Full Face makeup look ft. L’Oreal

Today I am doing another full face makeup look. This time I am featuring drugstore brand L’Oreal. I have lots of new products to try, so let’s have a look!