10 Palettes that Surprised Me

Not all eyeshadow palettes you try turn out to be a success. But some, pleasantly surprise you and are unexpectedly much better than you had hoped. These are my top 10 palettes that surprised me.

GRWM // May Shop My Stash products

Time for my monthly get ready with me video using my shop my stash products! So every month I shop my stash and once a month I follow up on that shop my stash by showing you what these products look like on. Let’s go!

Palette Bingo // Lethal Cosmetics

Time for a makeup look featuring the German indie brand Lethal Cosmetics. I created the look with some new shades and palette bingo style!

Full Face of Make Up Revolution

Sunday fun day! And today we are having fun with some new and old goodies by Make Up Revolution. I do a full face makeup look with products only from this brand.

Eyeshadow Palette Tag

Let’s talk eyeshadow palettes! I saw this fun tag making the rounds and I figured I could add my two cents.

Spring 2020 Fashion Haul

Haul time! I bought some fashion bits to spruce up my wardrobe for the spring 2020 season. These are the bits I picked up.

Shop My Stash May 2020

As on every first Tuesday of the month, I am shopping my stash today for some new makeup products to use in the month of May. Hope you enjoy!

Makeup Wishlist 2020

This month I am again not going over any new makeup releases and telling what I will and will not be buying. Instead, I am sharing my full, actual makeup wishlist with you. I hope you enjoy!

Reading video wrap up

Today’s post is all about the book videos I posted on my booktube channel Floating In Books in the month of April. Hope you enjoy!

Essence 8H Stay Matte liquid lipstick review + wear test

Let’s swatch and apply some lipsticks shall we? This time I am testing out the Essence 8h Stay Matte liquid lipsticks. I throw in a wear test for good measure as well and the blog post features all the close up pictures so you can get a good look of all the shades.

Disappointing Palettes

It is good to sometimes also talk about stuff that didn’t work for you. That is why today, I am showing you my top 10 most disappointing eyeshadow palettes. These are not bad, they just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Plant tour: All the plants in my apartment

Today is a bit of a random one: I am doing a plant tour. A plant tour? Yes, I am taking you around my house and show you all of my plants. And there are quite a lot…

Wardrobe Tour + Declutter

Who else is spring cleaning their way through their social distancing lockdowns? I sure am! Since it had been a year since I last decluttered my wardrobe, I figured it was time for a new one.

10 Colourpop Monochromatic eyeshadow palette review

Are you ready for a massive video? Today I am reviewing 10 Colourpop monochromatic eyeshadow palettes in one giant video, including looks, swatches and a full review comparing these against one another and other palettes with similar color stories.

Tag Tuesday: Part time Youtuber Tag

Today’s video is going to be a tag for Tag Tuesday! I’ve been meaning to do the Part Time Youtube Tag for months now and I finally got around to doing it.

Full Face of Catrice

My monthly full face of… makeup look this month is devoted to Catrice. I use all of my all time favorites, but I also throw in some new limited edition eyeshadow palettes. That’s right! I got my hands on the new Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck limited edition products.

10 Palette Review

It’s been a few months since I last did a general eyeshadow palette review video. I am always a bit behind with my blog post reviews, so I like doing these videos to lump 10 palettes together after I tried them to give you my thoughts.

Shop my Stash // April 2020

It is the first Tuesday of the month, so you know what time it is! It is Shop My Stash time. This is the April edition in which I show you what I used last month and select what I will be using this month.

Makeup Collection Reorganization

In today’s video I am showing you how I reorganized my makeup collection after decluttering all of the different categories. So much neater now! Very happy with it indeed.

GRWM // Shop My Stash March 2020

It is time for my monthly get ready with me using my Shop My Stash products of the month. There are some staples here as well as some products I tried for the first time this month.

Makeup Declutter 2020 // Eye Products

Today’s video is the last of my 2020 makeup declutter. The last category we will be going through is eye products. Think single shadow, mascara, glitters, liners and brows.

Shoe Collection

It is no secret that I am a bit of a shoe-a-holic. Before I became a makeup junkie, I was a shoe junkie and it never really went away. So I decided to film my entire shoe collection for you. It was the first video I ever uploaded on my Youtube channel and it is…

Full Face of Colourpop

In which I apply a full face makeup look using as many Colourpop products as I possibly can. I hope you enjoy!

Lip Declutter 2020

In which we declutter my lipstick collection and we get rid of 80+ products!

Essence Spring/ Summer 2020

As long as we had to wait for the new Catrice products, that’s how quickly we got the new Essence products. There aren’t that many, but what is there had me excited. There is a new range of blushes, a tinted primer, a new loose powder, single eyeshadows, a full range of liquid lipsticks and…

Cheek Product Declutter

If you have been watching this space you’ll know I am posting a decluttering series on Sundays throughout the month of March. Call it spring cleaning, call it just a much needed purge: I was due a massive declutter of my entire collection as it stands and I think that in cheek products I had…

Catrice Poreless Perfection Mousse foundation

Since the new Catrice products have been released I have been trying them out as much as I can. You will have seen me select the new Catrice Poreless Perfection Mousse foundation as part of my Shop My Stash. So I have been using this daily for more than a week to get a good…

Beauty Brand Tag

In today’s tag video I thought we could do quite a recent tag that I saw several of my favorite Youtubers do. So I decided to do it too! And I think I have some interesting answers to share with you. It is definitely a chatty video and a bit of a ranty one, so…

Base Makeup Declutter

It is another week in which I declutter my makeup collection. I did my eyeshadow palette collection last week and this week we are doing base makeup. This means everything that I would use to get my makeup look started. So think foundation, concealer, powder, primer and setting sprays. Since I am less attached to…

New Makeup Releases // March 2020

For a few months now I have been kicking off the month with an overview of some new makeup releases. As I am a Youtube and Blogger who receives little to no PR (by choice btw), I tend to carefully select the products I decide to buy. And I make you part of that selection…

Shop My Stash // March 2020

We have hit up a new month and you know what that means in this blogosphere: it is shop my stash time! I have had a full month of using makeup again which means I can update you on some of these, or I will have posted fully detailed reviews of these products in the…

Eyeshadow Palette Declutter 2020

It is time. Time for another declutter. I declutter my makeup collection once a year as I feel my drawers begin to overflow and it is just time to get rid of things as my preferences shift and I am stuck with a bunch of super old products that I never use anymore. We are…

GRWM: February 2020

This year I’ve decided to use the products from my monthly shop my stash videos in a get ready with me. That way I can show you how the products go on and give you my quick review of the product too. I always try to write a more detailed review on here too for…

Top 10 Favorite Brushes

Do we talk enough about brushes? That is what I wondered the other day when I wanted to film but had no idea what to film. I had lots of plans but most of them too time consuming for a quick Tuesday video. My conclusion was that no: we, the content creators in the makeup…

Catrice Spring/ Summer 2020

Yay! It is finally here! The long-awaited Catrice Spring/ Summer 2020 update is now in stores and I picked up some products again to try. This is by now a solid tradition on my blog and Youtube channel. In case you are not aware, Catrice updates their makeup line every 6 months. They take out…

Ranking Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes

Remember my love for eyeshadow palettes? Time for another eyeshadow palette video then. This time we are ranking my Too Faced eyeshadow palettes. I own 7 of them in total, most of them in the tin packaging. From the OG Chocolate Bar, to the hyped up Sweet Peach and everything in between: Can you guess…

Winter Skincare Routine

You may know that I am quite diligent in my skincare use. I rotate products out when I use them up as I feel that changing up my skincare too much isn’t great for my skin. So once every season I tend to update you on the products I am using and how I feel…

Best Powders for Dry Skin

Shall we talk about a boring topic today? I can’t help it: face powder isn’t exactly the most exciting product to talk about. But still a good face powder can make all the difference. It helps to set your makeup, mattifies your skin and prolongs the wear time tremendously. However, if you have dry skin…

Winter & Sales Fashion Haul

It is February, most of the winter sales are over and in the past few months I bought some fashion items. Some of them were on sale, some of them were not, but I was really enjoying some of the items I found and so I figured I would share them with you. I have…

Cool Toned Eyeshadow palette collection

Eyeshadow palettes: you know I love them. Some of my favorites are cool toned eyeshadow palettes. So I have quite of few of them. And since I feel that the makeup industry should create more cool toned palettes, I felt I would do a video dedicated to just my cool toned eyeshadow palettes. Hopefully, this…

Limited Edition Tag

Limited edition makeup is something that I like looking at but that I don’t always buy. It is just not very practical because if you happen to fall in love, you will never be able to buy it again. Still, I do like talking about it and so when I came across the Limited Edition…

Full Face of Asian Make Up

For 2020 I have decided to do a new monthly series: a full face of X brand. But someone on my Youtube channel suggested I could try some more Asian makeup brands. That is something I have been interested in for years, but I found the products hard to find. Then I discovered Yesstyle and…

Shop My Stash February 2020

It is the first Tuesday of the month so it is time for my Shop My Stash. What did I think of the makeup I was using last month? What makeup am I selecting to use for this new month? What lipsticks was I wearing? What eyeshadow palettes did I reach for? I will answer…