July Makeup Haul

It’s the start of July and it’s time to show you what makeup and beauty bits I purchased or somehow got into in the past few weeks.

Shop My Stash May 2022

Are you ready for a new Shop My Stash? Let’s switch up my everyday makeup drawer and select some products for the month of May!

Top 5 Bottom 5 Catrice

Let’s talk about my favorite and least favorite catrice makeup products in a top 5 bottom 5.

Full face of dupes

I thought it would be fun to talk about some affordable dupes for high end makeup in a full face makeup look.

Most Disappointing Palettes

Let’s chat about some palettes that didn’t work for me. These are my most disappointing eyeshadow palettes (Palette Week #2).

Makeup Declutter 2022 // Cheeks

Let’s declutter some more makeup. Today we are decluttering my cheek products: blush, bronzer, highlighter and face palettes.

Top 5 Bottom 5 Essence

Today we are looking into the best and the worst of Essence in a top 5 bottom 5 overview.

Palette Alternatives // Not quite dupes… but close

I don’t talk about dupes a lot, but really many brands dupe other palettes. Sometimes unintentionally. Here are 10 eyeshadow palette pairings that are great alternatives to many popular, limited or discontinued palettes.

New Essence Spring/ Summer 2022

Yes! The new Essence collection for Spring/ Summer 2022 has hit the shelves. So let’s have a look: what’s good and what is not?

Worst Makeup of 2021

This video is all about my least favorite products of 2021: these are my worst makeup products of 2021.

Shop My Stash December 2021

A bit earlier than planned: but I am already coming to you with my Shop My Stash. I felt ready and December is always a weird month for content so I figured it really wouldn’t make much of a difference if I did it a week earlier than planned. So today we are going over…