Blog Challenge Day 7: My Day in Detail

Since today it’s Sunday and Sunday’s are always pretty uneventful, as I’m lazy as hell. Therefore, I will instead give a description of a week day as that’s usually when I’m busy busy busy. My work & school schedules change constantly. As of this week, my schedule changes as my classes at uni are canceled due to fall break. Then there’s a week of vacation, then things change again, until my schedule settles again some time in late November. It will be changing quite a bit, so I will just say something about an average Tuesday, since that seems to be most exemplary of my week in general. Yet, no day is the same during my work week anywayz. My general Tuesday looks like this:

– 6.42 AM: alarm clock goes off.

– 7.00 AM: After hitting the snooze button twice, I get up. I go to the bathroom, get dressed, have breakfast, check whether everything’s in my bag and check my e-mail. Then I do my make up. (I pack my bag, lay out clothes and prepare lunch the night before to save time).

– 7.30 AM: I’m out the door, on my bike, on my way to catch my train.

– 7.40 AM: I’ve parked my bike and am at the platform waiting on my train while checking twitter.

– 7.48 AM: My train leaves. During the trip, I read the free newspaper, listen to music, read a book, watch a TV series/ movie, or am reading up on schoolwork. I’m sometimes even grading tests or papers on the train.

– 9.10 AM: Arrival in Breda.

– 9.20 AM: I am at my desk at work.

– I don’t have to teach until 1.00 PM, so in the morning I’m answering e-mails, having meetings with colleagues or students, write/ prepare lessons. If it’s not so busy I’ll also be reading/ preparing stuff for university,  and I sometimes even write a blog!

– 10.30 AM: I eat a snack and get some tea. I usually eat fruit: grapes or pears are my fave things to eat at this time. However, sometimes, on special occasions or with birthdays of colleagues, there will be something savory or sweet in the break room, so I sometimes have that instead.

– 12.00 – 1.00 PM: lunch time. Somewhere within this time span I’ll have lunch, which I bring with me. I sometimes have lunch with my colleagues in the break room, but sometimes I just eat at my desk. There are also times when I take a walk in the park across the street. It depends on my mood and how busy work is.

– 1.00 PM: my first class of the day, third year students. Class lasts for 2 hours, but if few students show up, class can sometimes last only 1 hour. It depends on the number of students, their input and preparation. When I finish early, I go back upstairs to my office and do some more work.

– 3.00 PM: second class of the day. Again, a third year group. Same as before.

– 4.00 – 5.00 PM: I try to catch a train within this hour. Again some reading, watching TV series, or listening to music.

– 6.30 PM: I’m home around this time. I’ll call my mom, or just chill for a bit, listening to music or watching youtube clips.

– 7.00 PM: Dinner time! I have home cooked meals stored in the freezer and I take them out the night before. All I have to do is pop them in the microwave and voila, I have dinner. It’s quick and healthy! I also prepare next day’s lunch and take out dinner for the next day.

– 7.45 PM: I change into my gym clothes and take off my make up. I cannot wear make up when I work out!

– 8.00 PM: I am at the gym, hitting a round of abs, then cross trainer and stretching.

– 8.30 PM: Combat class!

– 9.45 PM: Home from the gym. Time to unwind! Some more relaxing: I am listening to music, or I’ll watch a movie or episode of a TV series, when I feel like it. Sometimes, I’m too hyper though and I’ll be dancing my butt off, just to get all that extra energy out!

– 10.30 PM: Shower time. After that work out I have to get clean!

– 10.45 PM: Brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, taking my meds, etc.

– 11.00 PM: I’m in bed.

– 11.30 PM: Asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So there it is: that’s my day! What does your day look like?

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