Bring on Spring Time!

I think February may be my least favorite month of the year. Why? Well, it’s not really winter, but the weather is still dreary, murky and cold. At the same time you know that you’re only a few weeks away from spring! Which means: the sun peeking in from time to time, the start of daylight saving time and the world turning green. That doesn’t mean that over here both March and April can’t be cold. They can be, but the days where you need gloves and a hat to get round will become more and more sparse. February just is this ‘let’s-sit-around-and-wait-for-spring-to-come-around’ month.

Today is actually a fairly nice day, even though it is grey and what not, the temperature is pretty good. Now all I need is a little bit of sunshine and I will totally get a spring feeling. Of course, spring also has its downsides, the main one for me being my hayfever rearing its ugly head in full storm again. However, nothing beats more daylight, more birds & animals and pretty skies.And there will be plenty once spring time arrives.

I’m done with dark days and ice hats. I’m done with gloves and having to ride my bicycle with the lights on. I’m done with baren trees and no flowers. I’m done with canals freezing over and slippery, icy streets. I want to wear skirts and heels again. T-shirts, tops and bright colors. I want to be able to put flowers in my hair and my faux leather biker jacket. I want to have more energy so I can read books on the train instead of falling asleep. I want my office to be warmer instead of feeling like a fridge.

On top of all that, spring will bring lots of other good things:

  • it will mean the start of my final term at uni for this year
  • it will mean the start of the final term at work for this year
  • it will mean that I’m almost going to London & Edinburgh
  • it will mean that it is almost summer (I’m an optimist if you can’t tell)
  • and almost summer means almost summer vacation
  • which means that it’s almost my birthday
  • and that I’m almost going to Dublin

I just want the sun to start shining and the weather to be nicer as it will mean lots more fun stuff is coming up!

Q: what are you looking forward to?

3 responses to “Bring on Spring Time!”

  1. Only have 2 things to look forward to, and only one of them is certain:
    1) Warmer weather (which means more sunny days &, as you put it, “the world turning green”)
    2) Making more money on my Squidoo websites (I hope- I’m working at it).

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