Review: Maybelline Define-a-lash volume mascara

Mascara no. 2 from my little mascara try out is the Maybelline Define-a-Lash volume mascara. Thank God this one worked so much better for me than last week’s.

From Maybelline’s website:

ZERO-CLUMP VOLUME defined like never before
SHAPED-TO-THE-LASH BRUSH captures and plumps each lash

And this is SO TRUE! What a relief it was to see that already the second mascara is a perfect dupe for my expensive, yet beloved, Dior Iconic Show. It simply made my lashes look the same as with the Dior one, at half the price. The brush is amazing and does a good job at coating all of my lashes and making them look fuller, longer and more defined. It doesn’t clump, nor flake and even if this wasn’t the waterproof one, it barely stained or smudged. I am really curious to see what the formula would be like waterproof.

The brush is a rubber/ plastic brush and it bends ever so slightly. Because of that little bend it makes it easy to swipe mascara onto all or your lashes in one motion, plus it slightly lifts your lashes up giving them more of a curl. That is why I think this is a really good mascara and I can recommend it if you are looking for a nicely defined set of lashes, that look fuller and that won’t stain or smudge and make you look like Bert Raccoon.

As you can tell I’m a happy bunny, but I still have three other mascaras to test! This week all will be quiet on the mascara testing front though. I’m still sick and actually had to cancel all of my work stuff. Turns out I have come down with bronchitis and the antibiotics I was given aren’t working. I will try to blog though and since I’ll most likely be home for the rest of the week and if I’m not too tired, I will definitely post something.

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