Review: L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof mascara

This review is long overdue, as I’m already on to mascara number 4 by now, but hey it’s here now nonetheless. I used this mascara all through last week and here are my thoughts on it

Here’s what the company says:

Telescopic Original Mascara enhances your lashes with intense length and unique lash by lash separation.

I think this is a really good mascara, but it’s not for me. It has everything you could wish for in a mascara: it separates your lashes, it doesn’t smudge, it doesn’t clump, etc. However, the brush I didn’t like too much, and I just didn’t like the way it looked on me. All this mascara does for me is make my lashes look longer, but it does not make them look thicker. It makes them look very long and thin, but that’s not what I want from a mascara. I also want them to look fuller, as my lashes are already very long.

The brush looks very similar to the Maybelline Define a Lash one I tried last week. The problem with the brush is that it sort of latches onto my lashes and especially when I use it on my outer or lower lashes I felt like it was pulling at my lashes. It didn’t hurt or anything, but it felt very uncomfortable the first time. Also, because my lashes already are lengthy, I had a couple of times where I accidentally smeared mascara on my eye lids as the brush pressed my lashes up too much.

Other than that, this mascara is very similar to the Maybelline Define a Lash mascara I tried the week before. So I still like that one better, as it made my lashes look more defined AND gave them volume, plus the brush didn’t pull on my lashes. I would still recommend this mascara though as the formula is great and I think if your lashes are different from mine, it would look great!

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