Lil ol’ me

I was just aimlessly browsing my harddrive the other day and found a few pictures of myself as a kid. You already saw a pic of me from 10 years ago, but let’s go even further back in time, shall we?

5 days old. Still in the hospital.

9 months old. I was a fat baby.

1,5 years old. Posing with Ernie.

2,5 years old. Holding my newborn baby brother.

4 years old. Posing with my brother. I still remember that dress. And that hair cut lol.

7 years old. Posing with my grandparents at my communion. I still have that dress.

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  1. I know! Hideous right? I was a stubborn child and kept bugging my mom whenever she wanted to comb my hair. So one day my mom was completely fed up with it and took me to a hair dresser. At least that’s what she told me.

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