My Bag Collection

Now this is not a very impressive collection, but just thought I would share. I’ve paid no more than 40 – 50 euros for any of these bags and I like bags that will hold a lot of stuff. I will list brands/ where I got them as much as possible.

This is how I keep most of my bags: on hooks on the wall. My gym bag is on the floor (the pink & green one) along with a collection of fun and practical shopping bags. Those aren’t pictured below. I bought my gym bag from Walmart in 2005 for 10 dollars.

Clutches: the top black one, the red one and silver/ grey ones are all from Claire’s. The black one at the bottom is from Aldo. I bought these to go with dresses on more formal occasions and keep them in a drawer in case I ever need them. I prefer big bags though, which is why these have all been used only once.

Big bags: these are the bags that get used quite a bit. The ugly blue back pack is only used for grocery shopping. I bought the smaller back pack to use to take with me to work and I still use it sometimes when I have to take heavy books with me. The grey bag is from HEMA and I take it to work or class. The two Bjorn Borg bags get used as hand luggage when traveling or when I’m away for the weekend. The bottom two bags are also used for work or class. The tan one was already featured on here. The black one is from some trendy shop in The Hague and is super handy as it has a special space for my netbook!

Purses: the bags I use the most. I take them to work, when I’m out for the day or w/e/ the red one and top grey ones are from ALDO. The green one is from HEMA. The black one in the middle row on the left is from New Yorker. The bag in the middle of the middle row is a black Chanel look-a-like bag from Pieces. The brown bag is also from New Yorker and fits a lot more than on first glance. In the bottom row are some smaller purses that I use when I have to pop out to run errands. The black one is a fake Louis Vuitton and it’s my fave purse. I bought it in NYC in 2006 and I carry it around all the time. The brown one in the middle is from SIX and the brown one on the right is a fake Coach bag also from NYC.

Q: What’s your favorite bag?


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  1. Right now my favorite bag is a white shopper by Friis & Company. But soon enough I will receive my all time favorite bag. My first real designer bag by Moschino. I am so excited! Post about it coming soon of course 😉

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