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This year I first discovered Lush. Lush is an American company which specializes in bath & shower products as well as creams etc. Anything you need to take care of your body really. Their main selling point is the fact that their products are very fresh. Once used, you should try to use it up quite quickly because they are made with such fresh ingredients. Which is a good thing!

The one downside to Lush is that it is mainly soaps & bathbombs what they are known for. I don’t have a bath (problem number one) and I dislike soap with a passion so the selection I can actually choose from then gets quite limited. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the things that I can use though. I’m still trying products and buy new things every time I go to Lush, but here are my three favorite products so far:

Flying Fox & The Olive Branch shower gels & the Whoosh shower jelly

There are more products that I love, but those are already used up. These three are still left and OMG they smell so good and work so well! If you like scented shower products I’m sure you’ll love these as well!

One thing about Lush products is that each smell and each products has its own sort of function. The Flying Fox shower gel for instance, smells like jasmin and a bunch of other good stuff and its function is to soothe aches and pains. I love using this when I take a shower before bed time. It’s so soothing, it nearly puts me asleep in the shower. I usually shower before bed when I had a work out and I swear that when I use this I have less muscle pain the next day. I don’t know how it works, but it works.

The Whoosh shower jelly probably won’t smell good to everyone. It has a citrus-y kind of smell and it reminds me of citrus scented dishwashing liquid. Now I happen to love that smell, but I’m pretty sure some people won’t want to dose themselves in that smell. It’s is amazing though for morning showers! It wakes your right up! And of course I also hear you wonder: shower jelly? It’s in a jar? Yep. The consistency of this stuff is pretty much that of a jell-o pudding. Only this you can’t eat. I cut it up in smaller pieces, put a small piece in my loofa and it’s so foamy and feels amazing on my skin.

Lastly, there’s The Olive Branch shower gel. Now this one you have to shake well before using to mix the oils (which are floating on top) with the rest of the shower gel. It smells just like you would expect: live pure olive oil and it’s wonderful on dry skin. It’s so thick and creamy and leaves my skin silky smooth every time I use it. Plus I love that olive smell to bits.

As you can see, I bought the smaller sizes of these products. That’s another thing I like about lush: you can always buy smaller containers so you can first try it and see if you like it/ can use up enough before it expires. Plus, they are super nice and are always willing to give you a sample of their products as well.

So there you go: my fave Lush products.

Q: Are you familiar with Lush? What are your faves?

4 responses to “Lush Products Which I Love”

  1. We have a Lush store here but I actually haven’t tried any of their products – simple because the store is too filled with fragrance for me – it’s very strong and it sets of my allergies and gives me a headache, which is a shame really because I do like nicely scented things – just not all in one go, it’s just too strong!

  2. DreamCream! Gebruik ik als handcreme, gezichtscreme, bodylotion, aftersun…. Ideaal spul 🙂
    Vergeet je niet 5 lege verpakkingen terug te brengen naar de winkel?
    En bestel zodra je je vaste producten hebt alles in Engeland. Scheelt een boel geld!

  3. Ik heb dit jaar ook lush pas ontdekt, maar aangezien er nergens in de buurt een winkel is ben ik in Londen pas voor het eerst in een Lush winkel geweest. Ik heb de massage bar en zo’n bruiningsbar. Heerlijke producten!

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