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My first week’s vacation is already over and what a week it’s been, plus I’ve got more stuff coming up. Wanna know what’s been going on and what I’ll be up to? Keep on reading!

First of all, I am getting a new house mate today. My old one left yesterday. She packed all her things and will be away on an internship in the US for 8 months. So as of today, I will be getting a new house mate. I don’t even know her name, but I’m sure it will be okay. And if anything goes wrong, she’ll be gone after 8 months anyway. Good thing is that she has a cat!

And that’s a very good thing. If you follow me on twitter, than you’ll know that I’ve had a bit of a problem with mice who have decided to take up my house as residence/ food supply. I don’t mind mice. I don’t find them scary and as long as I don’t see too many of them, I don’t really care. I just put out a trap, catch them and let that be that. This time, however, the nasty little creatures hadn’t just decided on going into our kitchen, but they also decided my room was a nice spot to call home. I was nearly driven mad by sounds of scratching and gnawing as well as by the occasional mouse shooting across my room from my peripheral vision.

After a few very restless nights (I kept dreaming they were making a nest out of my mattress and were crawling over me), 3 attacks on my plants (including one where a mouse had dug its way into one of my pots at 6 AM) and having to shoo one away from my wardrobe after I saw it leaping inside it, I finally found the hole through which they entered my room. I closed it up and haven’t seen a mouse in my room since. They’re still in the kitchen but with a cat entering the scene I reckon they’ll be gone soon. Plus someone will come in to seal off the hole in my wall, as my current solution is only valid as a temporary one. The mouse problem should be over soon.

So that was eventful for a nice and quiet summer vacation right? In any case, if you ever need tips on how to catch mice. You know where to find me. I have become quite the expert over the past week. Other things I’ve done this week apart from the stuff I have already written about is reading more of Harry Potter. I still haven’t finished, books 5, 6, & 7 take so much longer to read than the first 4. I’ve also done some cooking, making a delicious pasta salad (my go to summer dish) and I even watched some TV. I happened to come across the remake of Sherlock Holmes by the BBC. I knew of these series through a friend and he has the DVD so I’m gonna make sure to borrow that from him, because it was really good.

This week will be less eventful. Just some groceries, and I’m trying to go back to the gym again. I haven’t been able to go yet since I hurt my knee falling up the stairs almost 2 weeks ago. Walking is fine, but if I do anything more intensive exercise (I tried dancing in my room) it starts to hurt again. So we’ll see. I’ll also meet up with my mom: we’re going shopping in Amsterdam tomorrow. So be on the look out for a haul post on Wednesday! And I will be planning what to do in Dublin some time this week as and when I’ve finished HP 7 I will finally get to go see that movie too!

Q: What are you up to this week?

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  1. Eeek, if we ever get mice in our house, I think I will freak. I’m such a wuss when it comes to that! My vacations have been quite chill so far. Watching movies, series, reading books, updating my site… Not too bad! Planning some smaller trips here and there, I think I will be fine these next couple of weeks 🙂

  2. Hmmm, nothing much for me. Went to the NKOTBSB concert tonight, which was pretty good, actually (didn’t care for the opening acts, though). The rest of this week will probably just be me trying to get stuff together online (like always), and searching for jobs (like always as well). Do have little ones coming over NEXT weekend, so we’ll be watching them, and then I think my mom is having some sort of get-together. Beyond that, nothing new or interesting.

    About your knee… if it’s still really hurting, then please go have a doctor look at that. You might have really damaged it, and your knee is nothing to mess around with. Both my parents & my sister have had knee problems– my dad years ago after a car accident, and my mom & sis within the past year [my mom’s knee surgeries– yes, BOTH knees– were done this year a few months ago]. You don’t want your knee to get worse & maybe lock up on you, which might cause MORE injury. Please keep me update on your knee, hun.

    • You went to see NKOTBSB? How was that? I’m curious even though I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what they’re up to.

      And my knee isn’t hurting hurting anymore. Just painful, stiff at times and the muscles in my upper leg get tired very easily. I just got back from the gym and I had no pain while I was there. Am curious what will happen when I give it a rest after taking a shower.

  3. Hoi! Ik ben een lezer van je blog maar heb tot nu toe nog nooit gereageerd 😉 (ja saai, ik weet het :p) Volgens mij kun je van die apparaatjes kopen voor in het stopcontact die stille tonen afgeven zodat muizen niet binnenkomen. Die heb ik teminste 1 in mijn keuken en het werkt goed want heb nu al 2 winters geen muizen meer gezien. Ik ben via Noelles blog op jouw blog gekomen en vind dat je erg erg goed schrijft en lekker afwisselende topics. Je schrijft met veel enthousiasme en dat vind ik leuk om te lezen (Noelle ook) ook al interesseren niet altijd alle topics me. Je bent zowat de enige nederlandse (die ik lees) die gewoon perfekt engels spreekt en schrijft! Cool! Ik woon in Zweden en mijn engels en nederlands zijn wel een stuk slechter geworden na 5 jaar hier helaas. Heb ook 2 jaar in Dublin gewoond dus wens je veel plezier in Dublin 🙂 Lekker de Penneys leegschoppen?! 😉
    Groetjes Angela

  4. Hoi Angela! Wat leuk dat je nu toch reageert! Er leuk om te horen dat je mijn stukjes leuk vindt. En ja het plan is om de Penneys helemaal leeg te shoppen ja. Haha you’ve read my mind!

  5. Grappig om te lezen over je strijd tegen de muizen! De laatste die bij ons zat heeft jammer genoeg een gat in het gordijn gegeten (jummie?!?), dus check je gordijnen even :-S
    En een kat geeft geen garantie he, in ieder geval niet de onze… 😉 maar wel leuk om een kat in huis te hebben 😀

    • Er zat zondagavond een muis in mijn gordijn. Vorige week dan, niet deze week. Maar is nog niks mee. Ze zitten nu alleen nog in de keuken. Gelukkig! Maar bij mij gingen ze voor mijn planten. Die heb ik dus heel snel allemaal buiten mijn kamer geparkeerd, maar staan inmiddels ook weer op dr oude plekjes.

  6. Do you know of the word “relax” Maaike? Sometimes I wonder!

    This week, is going to be a really busy one for me I’m afraid. I’m trying to get some reading in every day but it’s not always working out when I’m too tired. Yesterday, I was entertaining dogs whilst my brother tested his new tent (make sure he had everything), my grandma visited and my great niece (who is getting so big!). Today, shopping (I brought books again – need to do a haul), walk the dog and I’m finishing emptying my room out.
    So this week starting to decorate my room, first some sealant on the ceiling (it got a bit damp when we had heavy rain but there’s no actual damage), undercoat and paint. Shouldn’t in theory take long, just fingers cross my dad doesn’t moan too much.
    Other than that, lunch with a friend, possibly to an agricultural show and maybe an 8 (approx mile walk) for some photography.

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