Dublin Day 4: Howth

On Day 4 of the trip we left Dublin and took at bus to nearby Howth. This is a little fishing town about 30 minutes away from Dublin where you have some great views over the sea. It makes for great hiking: if you take bus 31 from Eden Quay in Dublin it will take you all the way up to Howth Summit. From there you can hike back into town, or like we did: hike into town taking the longest route, have a late lunch/ early dinner in Howth and continue the walk back up to the summit. And then you get to see views like these:

We expected this day to be last one with good weather and so it was time for a hike. We took the longest trail (the purple one) which was roughly 10 kilometers. It circled along the coast at first, then cut straight through the island and across a golf course, sloping down into town and then took you back up to the summit via the coastline on the other side of the island. The views were stunning and the walk was awesome. Unfortunately the climbing parts were pretty tough for me, as my asthma reared its ugly head and I had left my meds at home. I made it just fine in the end, it just took a little longer than expected. After a drink in a pub not too far from the hotel, but which was infested with local drunks who kept blabbing in incomprehensible Dublin accents, I was extremely tired and happy to lay my head on my pillow that night.

Since the beauty of the area cannot be captured in words, I hereby declare this post a picspam of pretty ocean views and lots and lots of different angles from the old lighthouse. How pretty is this?

Oh and a shout out to Angela for the great tip in the comments!

Old Bailey Light House


View over the bay with mountains in the far background

If you live there, how do you get home?

We climbed down to one of the beaches. You can see the light house in the distance.

Here you can see how the island is still attached to the main land. The big patch of green is the golf course.

Pretty colors!

Howth harbor & another light house in the distance

These kids were attempting to cliff dive. By this time one had already jumped. The other two were shivering in the cold, too chicken to actually do it.

More pretty colors

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  1. Helemaal geweldig! Hier heb ik me toch vaak gelopen met al onze gasten die ons op kwamen zoeken in Dublin. Ik wist nog niet eens dat er trails waren joh…heb altijd hetzelfde paadje gevolgd en ben nog nooit recht van de vuurtoren geweest 🙂 Fijn dat jullie het zo gaaf vonden en mooie fotos…jammer dat je op foto’s nooit echt goed de dieptes kunt kun want in het echt is het NOG mooier! 🙂

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