Fall break vacation

So today is the first day of my fall break. Here’s what I’ll be up to the next few days. Because well, I can’t have vacation and sit around and do nothing. I will be doing plenty of sitting around though and to balance that out I have also listed some activities.


I will be getting some cooking done again. I have invited some of my friends for a fall inspired dinner including pumpkin soup, pancakes (for dinner yes!) and a Dutch style dessert called ‘hangop’ (it’s yoghurt drained of all fluids) with honey, fried apple bits and toasted walnuts. Sound delicious to me and I will of course be posting the recipes & pictures of this when it’s all done.


This girl cannot have a vacation without doing some shopping. I’m not planning on anything too serious (I wanna save that for Christmas break), but I will be going to Utrecht with my mom and I have planned a trip to Primark with some friends as well. So keep your eyes peeled to this spot because I will be making a few haul posts. I am gonna try filming a few things too. I just hope it all works out so I can post it the next coming weeks.


Apart from that I have a few other social engagements coming up. There’s the first b-day celebration of my friends’ son and a wine tasting at a friends-of-friends’ place. I’m seriously trying to catch up on all the weeks I have been neglecting hanging out with people because I was so busy.


My other plans are not that spectacular. I just plan on going to the gym and dance class as usual and other than that I will just be bored out of my mind. I still have a stack of movies lying around that I still have to watch. I haven’t finished watching Mad Men just yet and I have yet to watch the latest True Blood season. So methinks I will become great friends with my couch and a cup of hot cocoa the next few days.

If the weather is still nice on Monday, I may go to the beach as I will have to go get my allergy shot. I will be in The Hague anyway. That would be a great occasion for me to just chill and do a nice walk along the beach. I’m not too sure on that yet though.

Q: What are you up to?

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