Seven Deadly Sins 6: Wrath

In today’s episode of the Seven Deadly Sins series, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Wrath. Wrath, revenge, things that piss me off. And boy do I have a few… Here are the 7 things that make me want to rip people’s heads off (figuratively I have to add).

1. Lying

If you want me to hate you, all you have to do is one thing and one thing only: lie. To my face. I don’t care what your reason is, but lying will only make matters worse, rather than improve them. One day, somehow, someone will find out and karma will stab you in the back. So why bother? Just tell the truth and let things be over with. If you really feel uncomfortable saying it, there’s other ways, but lying isn’t one of them.

2. Be rude

I would consider lying to be one of the rudest things a person can do, but by being rude I mean here: not letting people finish when they are talking, not letting people off the train first, picking up your phone during a meeting, talking loudly on the phone or playing music so loudly everyone else can enjoy your hip hop beats. Just things that when you use every day, common sense, you can anticipate that it will annoy the living daylight out of people. Unfortunately many people seem to lack common sense

3. Narrow-minded people

Sometimes I really wonder how these people still remain to exist in this day and age of Internet and free information for all. Yet, somehow, some people still manage to live in their own giant bubbles of ignorance. How they do that is beyond me, but I genuinely despise people who think that there is no other way but there way that is the right way of living. So in this category fall people like: conservative politicians, religious fanatics, people who think anything Islam is automatically bad and who believe gays aren’t people/ aren’t allowed to get married. Just quit putting people in boxes and view each individual for who they are: a person with rights, opinions, beliefs and preferences, just like you and me.

4. Stupid people

There is a fine line between narrow-minded people and stupid people, but I feel there is a difference. Narrow-minded people usually can’t help it, whereas stupid people to me, are people who know better/ are actually smart enough, but somehow prefer to portray themselves as not knowing anything at all. One particular example that springs to my mind is Paris Hilton and with that many other bombshell reality tv babes that seem to have the attention span of a goldfish. Why are these people allowed to invade the airwaves? I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

5. People who can’t seem to read

This is a flaw of many of my students. It saddens me to find out time and time again that I have to teach them how to READ an assignment before they can actually do it. You’d think they learned that when they were 6. But it’s not limited to students, many other people fail to read properly and precisely. Just the other day I sent a complaint to the Dutch postal company and I received a reply that indicates to me that the lady who responded to my complaint didn’t read what I was actually saying. And then the e-mail address was one of those: do not respond to this address flukes. How lovely.

6. Obsessiveness about being clean

Granted this is more of a pet peeve than something that really pisses me off, but one thing I really don’t understand is the level of cleanliness people seem to impose on themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro showering and keeping myself clean, but I just feel that people are overdoing it. If you work an office job, all you do is sweat a little and that really does not require daily showers. Just washing yourself will suffice. Now, when you work in construction or do extensive yard work and come home looking like a groundhog, yes, you NEED a shower then. But people tend to get grossed out by the littlest amount of smell coming from their own body and even the thought of a single germ being on their body makes them uncomfortable. Why people?

7. People who have kids, but actually shouldn’t

As a teacher you get to see tons of different people every day. Most of them are great kids, some of them however, lack a decent home base to really amount to anything to begin with. All these kids see is how things shouldn’t be done, but since it’s the only example they have, they will copy that exact behavior. It’s this vicious circle that is really difficult to break through. Yet at the end of the day these kids are super talented, but they lack the motivation and willpower to really make it happen. That saddens me and makes me angry at the same time. My conclusion through this all is that some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Sounds cruel, I know, but in this world you need a degree/ diploma for nearly everything and anything, yet everyone can have a child and screw its life up beyond belief. Now something tells me that isn’t right.

Q: What pisses you off?

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