Seven Deadly Sins 7: Lust

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So the general idea of this final Seven Deadly Sins Challenge post is to list seven love secrets. Seeing that my love life is about as interesting as reciting the phonebook backwards, I will just list the 7 things I love most rather than delving into my not-so-exciting love life.

1.) Dancing

If there is one thing I love doing it’s dancing. It instantly makes me happy. It helps that I have been doing this since the get go. I’m coming up on 21 years in 2012! I love doing kicks and turns most. Jumping is fun too, but I feel I’m not too good at it. My achilles heels are so short that getting any height is virtually impossible. Yet it’s still fun and I really don’t know what I would do without dance.

2.) Music

Another thing that instantly makes me happy is when I hear the right song at the right time. That could be anything: from sugary 90s pop a la Britney to some soulful 60s R&B by Marvin Gaye. I’ve said this before here, but I literally live, eat and breath music. I listen to it whenever I can, wherever I am. I still buy CDs and go to as many concerts as I can. Music helps me when I’m in a rut, it soothes me and it makes me happy all at the same time.

3.) Sleeping

I could literally sleep all day. I can wake up early in the morning, turn over and just fall right back to sleep only to sleep a hole in the day. I love my bed too. It’s quite possibly the most comfortable bed in the world (apart from that bed in that 5 Star hotel in Brussels that one time) as it’s big and really warm. It’s probably my fave place in my entire room.

4.) My computer

Literally, what would I do without it? Without it I wouldn’t have this blog, nor would I be able to store my music or keep in touch with most of the people I know. I spend most of my free time behind my computer. Even if I’m not actively using it, I will still be playing music from it, so I never move too far away from it. Since this blog is about lust: if I’d have a love affair it would probably be with my computer.

5.) Tea

I know I’ve said this before, but tea is by far my favorite drink of all time. It comes in so many different flavors and there’s always more to try out. It’s also a way of relaxing as having a cup of tea also creates a moment of rest for me. I just can’t get enough of it. Especially when I go to work I just keep filling up my Starbucks thermomug with the good stuff! I also have my own personalized tea at work even though work provides tea as well. I just like mine better.

6.) Teaching

That’s right. I actually positively, 100% honest, love being a teacher. Unfortunately there are parts of teaching that aren’t as fun, but standing in front of a group of students and interact with them at that level is the best thing ever. This probably sounds weird to some of you, but I definitely think it’s my calling. That is why I don’t think I will ever stray far from it.

7.) Books/ reading

I put this last, because even though I love doing it, I’m doing too little of it. I literally started a book almost 2 months ago and I’m not even half way through. Oh well, I know that when this whole work/ school combo is over I’ll have more time to commit myself to all those novels sitting on my shelves*. I just love how books can transport you to a different realm, a different world and teach you something at the same time. For me, a book beats a movie about a million times over.

* And yes Ali, I’m still with you on starting that book challenge you talked about. Just wait a little and I’ll be good to go!

Q: Which things do you enjoy most in life?

2 responses to “Seven Deadly Sins 7: Lust”

  1. AWildDog Avatar

    I doubt I will be starting it this side of Christmas anyway. I’ve got a horrible cold, typical just when I started reading more again.
    But also I’m going to do some planning before I start the challenge – to make the challenge non-stressful. I’ll do a blog on this sometime soon. Cus I think 50 full novels when one has other things to do in life is rather a stressful undertaking and although a challenge I think it should be fun.

    Not sure I’d write about my love life on this one either to be honest, that could be a bit too personal to get into.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Let me know when you decide what you want to do. It’d be fun to do it together!

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