NOTW: Strictly Legal

Last week, I logged onto Facebook and found a very nice surprise in my inbox: I had won a free nail polish by nail polish brand Ciaté. I was allowed to pick whichever color I liked from their current range of colors. I ended up picking a color called Strictly Legal: a deep plum/ purple color with golden shimmer. I couldn’t think of a better winter color than this one and this is what it looks like:

Excuse the background, but I now have the best lighting in my kitchen, so you can see a bunch of onions in the background, but I think it’s clear enough to see that this is the prettiest color ever right?

Ciaté polishes go on very smoothly, have a nice brush and really, with a bottle THAT cute, how can you say no to this? The staying power is great too. I’ve been wearing it since Sunday and I have no chipping on my left hand yet. The nails on my right hand are pretty weak, but even here the color stays put and apart from the usual fading which I have with all polishes, nothing too crazy is going on. And this is what it looks like on:

With flash in my kitchen late at night: here it looks more like a burgundy than a purple.

In the shade during the day time: here it is more of a dark plum color

In sunlight: look at that golden hue! Amazing isn’t it?!

As you can tell I’m very happy with my brand new nail polish.

Q: What is your favorite nail polish?

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