Favorite moments of 2011

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Looking back at this year I can only say that I have been doing more of the same. Yet, every year brings moments worth savoring and also 2011 gave me a few memorable moments that I will not forget.

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One thing I really wanted last year was to keep my job for another year. The good thing is I did. The bad thing is that by now I’m on my third contract meaning I must get a permanent offer or I will get kicked out some time next year. I’m still trying to sort that out, because I would really like to stay. So this moment, though a good one, is by now overshadowed by the prospect of maybe having to leave anyway.

Another memorable moment was when I got to hear that one of my papers was good enough to be turned into an article. I’m still working on it and I have now even been asked to present the article on a symposium in Berlin in August. This is a huge step for me as I hope to one day get a PhD and getting published is a major incentive for giving out PhD positions. It’s a step in the right direction.

Then there were consecutive memorable moments on my trips to London, Edinburgh and Dublin. There’s Hamlet at the Globe, going to the Graham Norton Show to see the one and only RPattz and St. Andrews Golf Course. Or how about hiking in Howth, amazing Italian food and pretty streets? I can’t even count them all.

Another highlight would be the Elbow concert I went to with my mom. It was most definitely the best concert I saw all year. Of course I cannot forget all the moments shared with friends and family, nor the fact that in the past year this blog has grown quite drastically. I started blogging because I wanted to write more and here I am at the end of 2011 with people who are actually reading what I write. That, in itself, is a moment I will cherish.

What’s your favorite moment of 2011?

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  1. AWildDog Avatar

    Can’t quite believe I’m having trouble answering this question. 2011 has been a pretty tough year and I look back and think it’s great that I am stronger now – things do have a rather sad taint to them, even the good times.

    I think for me it’s probably the constant – each day cuddling with Blade (my dog), dogs are so unjudgemental and give such unconditional love. Always happy to see you when you come home, always happy to go out some place with you.
    Of course, I have some great (human) friends, you included… but I have found the nasty side to some of my other friends this year.

  2. indiequeen84 Avatar

    You know hun, it’s the little things that count most!

    1. AWildDog Avatar

      It really is, especially when life gets turbulent you really appreciate the little constant things that keep you sane.

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