Make up collection: small eyeshadow palettes

Another part of my make up stash: my small eyeshadow palettes. Next to nail polish, eyeshadow is quite possibly my favorite make up related item. So I have tons. I already showed you my MAC eyeshadow palette a while ago, and today it’s time for more eyeshadow! I will be showing you my smaller eyeshadow palettes, meaning: 2 – 5 shadows in one container. I don’t have that many duos, trios, quads and quintets but that doesn’t mean they aren’t pretty! Let’s have a look shall we?

All of my small eyeshadow palettes together

I have a bit of everything here: cheap, drugstore, middle range and high end. I will tell you about my favorites along the way.

Drugstore palettes 1: NYX Shimmer/ Peach/ Copper, Catrice Tickled Pink, Catrice Mustard & Custard, MAX Grey Combo, MAX Black & Beige, Revlon Berry Bloom, Rimmel English Rose.

Apart from the Rimmel palette these are all cheap palettes. My favorite must be the Rimmel one. I bought that because of that gorgeous rose color in the middle. The NYX trio is perfect for traveling s those three colors are great for a complete and neutral eyelook. The MAX eyeshadows are the cheapest in the bunch and they actually have some great pay off, despite costing me only a few euros per palette at a local discount store.

Drugstore 2: Bourjois Or Baroque, Bourjois Vert Trendy, Sephora Pin Up Show, Sephora Cocktail Show, The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in Green Light, The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in Chocolate Box

The Bourjois trios are some very handy trios to use. I don’t use green or gold all that often, but when I do these are pretty much the colors I go for. I love how the gold colors have this antiqued look to them. The gold one is also pretty rare: I only saw this one once at a Sephora and I have never seen the same one since. The Sephora shadows are nice too, but my favorite one of the two is Pin Up Show, especially that burgundy color is gorgeous. The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes are very nice too, but very shimmery (duh!) so I wouldn’t use these colors for a complete eyelook, but the shimmery turquoise and bronzy brown colors are some of my favorites.

High end 1: Benefit Smokin’ Eyes palette, Make Up Designory palette, Inglot Freedom System palette

This picture features some of my favorite shadows as well! The Benefit kit is my go to palette for traveling. It’s so handy and great for a quick smokey eye look. The Make Up Designory quad doesn’t have a name, but I did buy it as such. It was part of a special Valentine’s Day kit which included a make up bag and a lipstick. The Inglot palette is quite brilliant. I definitely want more of this! The colors are great and because you can decide on your own colors you can do whatever you like.

High end 2: Dior 5 Couleurs in Midnight Butterfly, Graphic Lights, and Twilight and a mini in Élégante

There was a time, before I discovered MAC, Inglot and other make up brands that these were my favorite eyeshadows. They don’t look all that used on this picture, but trust me these have been through quite a bit. I love Dior eyeshadow. They feel a bit chalky at times, but that was perfect as I used these without a primeIr most of the time and they would stay put for a long time even without a primer. The pigmentation is great and the colors are fun. I believe all of these have been discontinued by now. Graphic Lights has been for sure as that was a limited edition from a summer collection.

What’s your favorite small eyeshadow palette? Mine: my M.U.D. palette, Inglot palette and Dior!

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  1. I have a bunch of small eyeshadow palettes but I never use them, somehow I feel like there’s none that has everything I need (if that makes sense). I have one my Boozyshop that I do really like, though.

  2. I do prefer larger palettes as you get more to choose from, but I love these for traveling/ when I’m staying with my parents. They’re great for quick and easy looks, but when I’m at home they get overlooked very quickly except for the MUD & Inglot palettes.

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