Review: The Falsies Flared Mascara

I am not one to easily change up beauty products. My skin hates most cremes to begin with and I figure: when I like something, why exchange it for something that I could potentially hate? That is why I usually stick to what I have been using for a while. With that said though, I am also someone who cannot pass up on a good deal. So, when I say Maybelline’s The Falsies Flared mascara on sale at Superdrug when I was in London, I was tempted to try it. I hated The Falsies Black Drama one so I wasn’t expecting much. However, after using this mascara for a month, I am pleasantly surprised and I would like to share with you why.

The packaging looks familiar if you know Maybelline mascaras. They’re pretty much all the same looking, only different colors show you difference between the types of mascara. The packaging is quite sleek and I love how the wings on the tube actually makes it clear that it’s about the flared version. Here’s what Maybelline says about the product:

300% MORE VISIBLE LASHES. Winged out & over the top, instantly!

Since this is from the Volum’ Express line, the mascara should give you volume, but also a winged out look, as if you are wearing false eyelashes. How? Well, according to Maybelline it’s the formula and the brush.

I can’t say much about the formula, but the brush is very thick and a standard spool as you find on most mascaras. The difference here though is that the wand has a curvy side and a straight side, as you can see in the picture below:

Here you can clearly see that the bottom is slightly more curved and thick than the top part. The top part actually has a bit of a dip which should help you enhance your lashes. The way to use this is simple: you first take the straight top part and apply one coat of mascara to create length and definition and then you turn the brush around and use the curved part to create volume and curl. Wanna see what that the effect looks like on my lashes? See the two pictures below:

No mascara

Wearing Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Flared in Very Black

Excuse the somewhat blurry picture, but I guess you get the gist right? The mascara curls my lashes, defines them and makes them look fuller. Pretty much everything the mascara promises to do. Since the brush is quite big it takes some getting used to, but currently I’m loving this. It definitely makes all the difference. It does help that I have fairly long lashes though so the effect is probably more noticeable then when you have shorter eyelashes.

What mascara have you been loving?

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  1. I love clinique’s High Impact mascara in 01 black, I can’t live without it! It makes eyelashes really long and separated but it looks really natural at the same time because it’s not clumpy and doesn’t put loads of product onto my eyelashes. I also love Avon’s Super Extend Extreme mascara in black 405. It’s amazing, it’s basically like the clinique mascara but it is slightly more volumising too, so it gives a more dramatic, party look. My last but not least favourite is Rimmel London’s Max Bold Curves, it really opens your eyes and curls back your eyelashes-I didn’t even use a eye lash curler with it.

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