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Let’s talk organization again shall we? The past 6 months I have been reorganizing and cleaning up different parts of my room. The last part I reorganized (i.e. I just got rid of a ton of stuff), was my jewelry rack. It is featured in my room tour but also in this post which I wrote over a year ago featuring general organization tips. The rack is actually a kitchen utility rack from IKEA. It was called the Kroken series which sadly is now discontinued. However, any old kitchen rack would suffice or whichever way you prefer to organize your jewelry. Let’s have a look at how I organize mine.


As I was saying, this rack is originally meant to hold kitchen utensils. The tiered rack that hangs from the bar is in fact a spice rack, my bangles are organized on paper towel holders and my necklaces hang from hook that should hold ladles, spoons and other kitchen gear. Apart from that I hang my earrings from the bar and the spice rack, my long necklaces from nails I hammered into the wall and my rings and floppy bracelets are on the trays of the spice rack. Time for close ups!

Short necklaces & some long ones (on the left)

This looks incredibly messy but that’s mainly because some necklaces have such an odd shape. There is a system behind this though. There are some bracelets (with clasps) all the way on the right, followed by short necklaces with a sturdy, chunky chain. Then we get all necklaces with a leather cord and short necklaces that hang down. Collared neckalces are next followed by three hooks which hold my most worn long necklaces. Those are also organized: smaller pendants to the right, medium pendants in the middle, big pendants on the left.

Long necklaces

I also have some longer necklaces mounted on nails on my wall. These are organized by type as well. I have two nails which hold beads. The other three feature the chunkiest chains and pendants I have. I usually wear the very chunky ones underneath scarves in winter only so for the summer I decided they could be tucked away in the back. There are also some other necklaces which I don’t wear often and which I only take out for certain outfits.


This way of storing bangles is simply the best one ever. You can easily see what you have and it is definitely less cluttered. I keep my silver & black bangles on the right holder. The left one holds all other colors.

Hoop earrings & dangling earrings with studs

As you can see I just hang these ones from the bar that holds everything together. Again, I put similar ones together.

Short dangling earrings & odd shaped bracelets/ wristlets

This is pretty self explanatory I think. These are simply my shorter dangling earrings. Again I’ve tried putting similar styles together to keep it organized. The bracelets that are in the tray are odd sized ones that don’t fit with the bangles or my other bracelets.

Rings, studs, long dangling earrings

Again this is very straightforward. Here you can see my longer style dangling earrings hanging from the bottom tier of the spice rack. On the tray I keep my rings, stud earrings and my every day silver jewelry to which I have an emotional attachment (i.e. passed down jewelry from my grandma, a bracelet I received as a graduation gift etc.).

Now you’re probably wondering where this all came from. Very simple: H&M, Sixx, Pieces, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Primark and some from Claire’s. I have been keeping my jewelry like this for over a year now and I’ve been loving it. It’s easy to have and keep an overview of the things I have. Before I kept everything in drawers (like the pinks ones which you can glimpse in the picture with the bangles) but those wouldn’t fit bangles and necklaces would get tangled up. I found this solution when I was looking for a cheap and easy way of organizing my jewelry. It cost me less than 5 euros which is much less compared to actual jewelry organizers.

How do you organize your jewelry?

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  1. Leuk artikel! Love organization posts!
    Ik gebruik zelf een kapstok uit ons oude huis voor al mn kettingen, armbanden, ringen, horloges en haarbanden. Super handig en overzichtelijk. Alleen mijn oorbellen heb ik in een kastje opgeborgen omdat ze niet bleven hangen aan de kapstok.

  2. haha ja he! We hadden hem over en mn vriend kwam met dit briljante plan om hem aan de muur te bevestigen boven mn makeup kast! 🙂

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