My first Make Up Store purchase

There are soooo many make up brands out there and the more you read about make up, the more brands you hear about that are sometimes harder to find. One such brand, is Make Up Store. This Swedish make up brand falls into a similar price range as MAC, but is slightly more difficult to get a hold of. Here, in the Netherlands, the only place where you can buy Make Up Store products is in their store at the Heiligeweg in Amsterdam (literally 2 doors down from the MAC Pro Store). I had set foot in the store a few times already, but never any of the products caught my eye. Till last week, when I spotted not one, but two gorgeous eyeshadows, or microshadows as they call them. I decided that I should take at least one of them home and so I went with a stunning mossy green color with gold shimmer called Tribecca. Here’s what it looks like.

Bag & eyeshadow

The packaging is nice and sleek. The black packaging has the name stamped onto it multiple times and the big M is slightly see through so you can see the color through it. Me likes! Now on to the shadow.

Make Up Store Microshadow in Tribecca

I only have one word for this: GORGEOUS! The green is not a typical green, but more of a grayish mossy green. The gold shimmer give it just that bit extra. I also own MAC’s Green Smoke eyeshadow, but that is a nightmare to work with as it goes on very sheer. Let me just tell you that this shadow is everything I had hoped Green Smoke to be. On to some close ups.

No flash

With flash

With the flash you can see how much shimmer there actually is in the shadow. I’m thinking this will be a very versatile color to work with. This could be a crease color, a lid color, an inner corner or lower lash line color. It’s just perfect. The gray/ green color makes it easy to combine with other colors such as taupes, browns, blacks and grays. But I’m also thinking plums, berry and deeper purple shades. The gold will make it go perfectly with bronze and gold colors and I love how it gives the shadow some extra shine without it looking so metallic. Now I’m sure you’re curious about the pigmentation. So let’s have a look.

Swatch on my finger, one swipe (!) straight from the pan

Smeared on my arm (no flash)

Smeared on my arm (with flash)

Hello pigmentation! All I did was lightly touch the shadow and this is how much color came off. The texture feels very fine (hence the ‘microshadow’ I’m sure) without feeling powdery. In fact, the shadow feels as smooth as butter and glides on perfectly.

I have yet to try using this in a make up look, but when I do I will make sure to feature it in an eye, face or look of the day. The other eyeshadow I spotted was a sparkly charcoal color called Jubilee and I’m pretty sure I will be purchasing that in due time. Make Up Store microshadows cost €16 a piece.

Are you familiar with Make Up Store products? If so, which ones are your favorites? If no, what do you think of this eyeshadow?

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