NOTW: Santaclaus is coming to town

I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m excited for Christmas already, which is very unlike me. Perhaps I’m just looking forward to my two week Christmas break, maybe it’s the perspective of all the food, friends and family I’ll be seeing. Anywho, to help me get into my Christmas spirit I make this nail look the other day. It’s nothing special or difficult: just a two-toned french manicure with a neutral shade and a bright Santaclaus red. Hence the name.

What I used:

– Etos nail hardener as base coat

– Ciaté Cookies & Cream

– OPI I’m not really a waitress

– INM Out the door fast drying top coat

As I said this nail look is really simple to create. You paint your nails in the solid neutral color. Let it dry for a bit, then take your red and just hold the brush against your finger and ‘roll’ your finger from side to side to create the stripe.

The look actually turned out quite messy to be honest. The OPI color has become a bit thick (I’ve had it for more than 2 years already) and so it was quite difficult to get it to go on nicely. To make matters worse my cuticles weren’t in the best shape ever either. I still liked it though so I didn’t want to not post it. Also, my nails have started to grow ridiculously fast and my tips have started to become super white of their own accord which made it hard to cover them completely.

What I love about this combination is the red. I hardly ever wear a full on red nail. I find it can be too much very quickly. This way it’s still boom, in your face red, without overdoing it. I also love how the red has a bit of shimmer to it which makes a nice contrast with the creamy nude shade.

What are you wearing on your nails?

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