Lush Squeaky Green shampoo bar

What to do when your scalp is itchy and irritated? That was the problem I had after using a shampoo I don’t normally go for. I just wanted to try something a little bit different and paid for it dearly. The itching got worse every time I washed my hair and so I was up to try anything to make it go away. Right when I was looking for a shampoo to quickly calm my symptoms I found myself in a Lush store and the girl in the store recommended their solid shampoo bar in Squeaky Green.

Squeaky Green solid shampoo

Now I can hear you think: a solid shampoo bar?! How does that work? Does it even work? That’s what I was thinking too. I saw the shampoo bars many times, but never gave them much thought and was rather skeptical about them. I was in for anything now and since the girl promised me that this would help with an itchy and irritated scalp because of the many soothing ingredients it contains, I decided to give it a go.

The bar itself is just a small disk shaped object. It’s green and all the little bits you see sticking out are the rosemary and nettle that are supposed to give the bar its calming effect on your skin and hair. It is a bit strange to use a non-liquid shampoo at first, but once you get round that part, it works like any other shampoo. It simply foams up into a lather which you work into your hair and scalp and Bob’s your uncle!

Enough with the cosmetics, let’s have a look at how it works. First up, this is what Lush has to say:

A gentle green giant of a shampoo bar that does wonders for scalp health whilst giving a good clean to the hair. With herbs and oils to balance the scalp and our solid shampoo base to see off dirt and grease.

Nettle is great for the scalp and gives shine to the hair. Rosemary is antiseptic and a great hair and scalp tonic. Peppermint is great for stimulating the scalp and increasing blood flow to the roots, whilst tea tree is antimicrobal and will help with any dandruff. The beautiful green herby fragrance will last on your hair for hours.

And cleaning your hair it does. The name squeaky was very aptly chosen for this product. Because when you use this on your hair that’s exactly how it will feel afterwards: squeaky clean. Some people don’t like a ‘squeaky clean’ feel after using beauty products (myself included) but with this product I don’t mind. The feeling doesn’t last too long: only right after first rinsing the products from your hair. I use a conditioner right after, so that helps.

The main reason for it being so great at cleaning your hair is the fact that it foams up like no other shampoo I have used before. It really creates a thick foamy layer in your hair. I only use shampoo on my scalp as using shampoo on my ends will only make them dry and lose their waviness. However, with this shampoo I find it difficult to keep it out of my ends. As I am working the shampoo into my roots it creates so much foam that it pretty much spreads itself throughout the rest of my hair. These pictures, simply don’t do it justice:

But now the main question: did it help to relieve my itchy scalp? Oh yes it did. I had to use it a few times (say 2 – 3 times) to make it go away completely, but I instantly noticed a difference after the first use. The itchiness didn’t become worse and it already felt better. I wouldn’t recommend using this product as a daily shampoo though if there is nothing else wrong with your hair/ scalp. It’s a very thorough cleanse and my hair simply doesn’t need that all the time. However, when my hair is extra greasy from using too many hair products, running my fingers through my hair continuously, or after a work out at the gym, i.e. when my hair can use a good cleanse, this is a perfect little product.

The best part: it lasts forever. According to Lush, one bar will last you as long as three regular 250 ml shampoo bottles! How amazing is that? The bar you see in the pictures had been used 10 – 15 times and it’s still about as big as when I first bought it. And what’s more, if you use the bar the right way you can get between 80 – 100 washes out of one single shampoo bar. How? It’s very simple:

  • Don’t hold the bar under running water.
  • Don’t rub it between your hands.
  • Instead: rub the bar over your wet hair (gently). Put it away and then work the shampoo into your hair with your fingers.
  • Let it dry completely after each use before storing it. I sometimes pat mine dry with a tissue.
  • Store it outside of your shower/ bathroom in a dark and dry place. (I keep mine in a Lush massage bar tin that I had lying about.)

So there you have it: a great product to use if you have a sensitive or irritated scalp or need a product to fight greasy hair.

The Lush Squeaky Green shampoo bar costs €9.10/ 5.25 pounds and is vegan.

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  1. Ik had deze shampoo in 2005 toen ik voor het eerst naar de USA ging mee naar mijn summercamp genomen…leek me wel handig….ik vond het helemaal niet fijn…het schuimde mij niet hard genoeg…ik had een wittere versie met ook glitters er doorheen…

  2. […] I also discovered an old favorite of mine: this shampoo bar by Lush. I’m not too picky about my shampoo brands and I like to try different things from time to time. I was trying a shampoo by Anatomicals when I my scalp got itchy and I noticed flakes of skin in my hairline after washing my hair. I threw it away immediately and to give my scalp a break, while still cleaning it, I brought out this shampoo again. It really helps whenever I try a shampoo that my scalp doesn’t really like. I reviewed this last year, in case you’re curious. […]

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