New in: W7 nail polish (incl. swatches & NOTW)

It’s a two for one deal today. Not only will I be showing you some nail polish which I bought recently, this post also includes picks of my wearing one of the polishes you’ll see in this post. There are 4 polishes in total, all by the brand W7. W7 is sold at my local budget store (called Op=Op voordeelshop) and each polish retails for 2.50 if you buy a pair. I already bought a few of these polishes a little over a year ago and loved them. And I am equally in love with the ones I bought this time around.

W7 polishes in Little Black Book, Lava Flow, Moondust and Twilight

The polishes I bought in 2011 were all hefty glitter ones and as you can see I once again veered towards the glittery kind this time around. Let’s have a look at each polish first, and then I’ll show you the swatches. But trust me: you will be blown away by these budget babies!

Little Black Book

I have developed a ‘thing’ for dark nail polish this winter and this one fits that trend perfectly. The polish has a black base, but is filled with brown and red reflects which give the polish a bronzed metallic effect. It reminded me a lot of Teasy Does It from the OPI Burlesque collection, but when comparing them at home, the OPI one is darker and less bronzy than this.

Lava Flow

Why this thing is called Lava Flow beats me, but it is the reason why I started eyeballing these polishes in the store. A white base, with blue and pink glitter? It instantly reminded me of the sorbet/ fruit polishes Essence released last year. I didn’t end up getting any of those as the glitter was far out and between and hardly showed up in swatches. This looks a lot more promising and that the glitter polishes I bought last year were opaque within 2 coats I had good hopes that this would show up on my nails as it looks in the bottle.


Again a sparkly polish and again one that reminds me of an OPI polish. Moondust looks like a more holographic version of De-signer De-better from the OPI Muppet collection. When held next to one another, De-signer is more taupe and less silver and Moondust has more and more noticeable red reflects in it.


I think every nail polish brand has a nail polish that is called Twilight. This dark indigo blue with purple duochrome suits its name well I think. I can even see a hint of green where the light hits the bottle so this can make for an interesting color.

Let’s move on to swatches, because that’s where the magic happens.

Lava flow, Little black book, Moondust, Twilight

Hello gorgeousness! This is two coats, but one already goes a long way with these. Twilight and Little Black book look different depending on how the light hits them, but Moondust and Lava Flow are definitely done justice by these swatches and I absolutely love them. I couldn’t decide which one to go with first, so I tried Lava Flow as that is the polish that caught my eye first.

And thus here it is on my nails. I think it looks great on. It adds a bit of fun without it being too much as the milkiness of the white base mattifies some of the glitter.

I think the W7 polishes are well worth their 2.50 euro price tag. They are cheap, go on nicely and stay put. This manicure lasted 4 days without chipping. Definitely check out these polishes if you can find them in a store near you.

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  1. wow wat een mooie lakjes! 🙂 Helaas is er geen op=op bij in de buurt anders wat ik zeker even gaan kijken! Die Lava Flow en Moondust zijn echt prachtig!

      • ohw graag, dat zou super zijn! Ik ga even online zoeken of ik kan vinden welke er verkrijbaar zijn. Anders gewoon de leukste en meest bijzondere 🙂

      • Ja ik weet niet of je dat kan vinden online. Tis natuurlijk geen super bekend merk. En anders kan ik bijv. beginnen met lava flow & moondust voor je te scoren. Als ze die inmiddels nog hebben. Heb de lakjes al een aantal weken geleden gekocht.

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