My complete skin care routine

I am about as minimalistic as it gets when it comes to skin care. It is not something I enjoy looking into because my skin is just so complicated. Whenever I try something new, it usually ends in a bad experience and so I am skeptical and not willing to venture out much. I just have to be very careful with what I put on my face and spending heaps of money on products that make my skin itch or burn isn’t exactly my intention. So I’ve developed a simple, yet functioning skin care routine for myself. Some of the products featured here have been replaced by others in the mean time, but as I am still trying those out, I didn’t want to include them into my routine yet. These products are tried and tested and I use them everything.

Morning routine:

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Calming Toner

Biodermal day cream for dehydrated skin

My morning routine is quick and simple: I clean my skin and moisturize it. I know that a toner seems like very little, but I like it to just quickly freshen up my face. I have started dabbling with a Nivea face cleanser though, but I haven’t used it enough yet to say how I feel about that. I also keep forgetting to use it as it’s not part of my routine to wash my face at the sink. The cream I reviewed here. Since I also use a BB cream over my day cream, I don’t do much of anything else: there is an SPF 45 in the BB cream and many other ingredients that take care of my skin at the same time.

Evening routine:

Step 1: Cleanse

Sephora Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Calming Facial Cleanser

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Calming Toner

My night time routine involves a bit more work. I first take off my make up by using the Sephora eye make up remover (review here) and the Body Shop facial cleanser. I then remove any remaining gunk on my face with the TBS toner. I reviewed the TBS products here. Again no water involved as that actually messes with my skin more than anything else.

Step 2: Moisturize

The Body Shop Aloe Vera night cream

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream

After cleaning my face I moisturize. I used the Aloe Vera night cream for years, but I have been trying out a Decubal night cream these past few weeks. I will let you know how I like that once I can form a good enough opinion of the product. The eye cream is also a fairly new addition. It’s the first eye cream I’m using that I actually liked. I tried a few other ones before, but they either stung my eyes (!!) or did nothing for me. This seems to be doing the job. Again, a review is coming up once I can form a good enough opinion.


Biodermal Cleansing Face Mousse

Lush Bûche de Noël facial cleanser

And here are two products I don’t use daily, but 2 – 3 times a week. I use this to give my skin an extra cleanse. I use Lush’s Bûche de Noël first to gently scrub my face and exfoliate it. I then use the Biodermal face wash to wash it all off as I find these Lush cleanser take a bit more than just some water to be removed from your skin completely. I have used other products for this in the past: the Decubal Foaming Face Wash (review here) and Lush Angels on Bare Skin (review here). These products work similarly but I still planning a review on the Biodermal face wash as it does have a slightly different effect from the Decubal face wash.

And that’s what I do to take care of my skin. Like I said: it’s minimal. I don’t believe in using 5000 products to take care of your skin, nor do I like switching things up. I’ve been doing this routine for who knows how long and I’m sure I’ll keep using it for some time to come.

What skin care products do you use?

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  1. We gebruiken veel dezelfde merken op het moment! Ik gebruik ook de aloe lijn van tbs en de biodermal face wash zit in m’n sporttas.

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