August Favorites (2013)

I thought it would be fun to start with a ‘monthly favorites’ type post. I’ve never really done these before and I thought it would be a nice addition. Instead of writing elaborate reviews I can simply say a bit about things I’ve been using, which allows for a much more ‘on the go’ approach. With work starting back up, it can be hard to keep track of what I have already reviewed and I will end up with pictures taken almost a year ago and I haven’t written a post yet. I cannot promise or say what these posts will look like yet. This month I happened to find nothing but beauty products, next month it may be fashion, or food, or a combination of all of the above. For now, let’s stick to my favorite beauty products of August 2013.

John Frieda Go Blonder spray

Redken argan oil

I have two hair care products to kick us off. First up is the Go Blonder spray by John Frieda. I already reviewed this product last year and it really does work. So this summer, being tired of my newly acquired roots (blonde hair tends to grow out in winter) I decided to start using this again. It worked marvels. Secondly there’s the Redken all soft argan oil. This product contains more than argan oil, but it works miracles on my otherwise dry ends. The recommended two drops at a time don’t work though, so I simply use a bit more. What’s more: I’ve been using this bottle since January and I’ve only used up half.

Bio oil & Coconut face wipes

I used to have a small bottle of Bio Oil, but since I never used it, I ended up throwing it out. I was gifted this larger bottle and it was sitting in my drawer not knowing what to do with it. Then I had a eureka moment: my feet felt dry and I knew it would take a bit more than body lotion to make them nice again. So I tried this: I rubbed some Bio Oil together in my hands, and then on my feet focusing on dry areas. I put on socks, let it sick and it is now my new addiction. It makes my feet soft and look very nice and the oil is absorbed nice and quick. The face wipes are super easy to use and I’ve been using these for all kinds of things: removing swatches, left over make up and I’ve even been using them to gently clean up my arm pits before I put on deodorant in the morning. Versatile and cheap: these wipes cost me 70 cents from the discount store.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays blue mascara

At the beginning of summer I kept reading about a new trend in the world of beauty: colored mascara. And I thought it would be nice to try blue mascara. I’ve been using it a bit, experimenting with different looks. Unfortunately my top lashes are too thick and dark of their own accord for the effect to be visible: it only shows on the tips and that’s it. Plus I also find the effect of this mascara on my lashes to be minimal. So then why is it a favorite? Because I’ve been loving putting this on my lower lashes. One look I like on myself is the no-mascara-on-the-bottom-lash thing. This gives me a nice variation on that: my eyes still look wide and open but the blue gives just enough of a pop of color to make the look more interesting.

Trind Nail Balm

My nails are horribly dry, they break, split and are weakened by the slightest mishap. I was using nail hardener but that just made them brittle. I got fed up with it and decided to try and get them nice, long and healthy. I read up on different products and found out Trind is the best when it comes to nail care. So I scouted some of the products in the store and went with the Nail Balm. They also have an entire system, but I opted out of that because I simply wanted one thing that would transform my nails from dry and brittle to healthy and strong. And boy does this stuff work! I can now easily go without wearing nail polish without my nails breaking on my every second. In fact, my nails are now growing so well that I have a hard time keeping them short! I apply a layer 1 – 3 x a week on clean nails, preferably after a shower or washing dishes. Let is sit for 2 minutes, massage it into the nail and voila. Picture says it all I guess. Now on to the cuticles.

Max Factor Glossfininity nail polish in 85 Cerise

Ever since my nails have gotten so much stronger I more often forego wearing nail polish. I’m really liking to have my nails go au naturel. There is one color though that I fell in love with over summer: orange toned red. I have this color in a foray of items: lipsticks, dresses, shirts, you name it. The only thing missing was a polish. So you can understand my joy when I found this polish. It is the perfect creamy orange toned red, which looks best against my pale skin. This polish lasts long (though not 7 days as advertised on the bottle) and you can almost get away with one coat. If you’re in the market for an orange-toned red nail polish I suggest you check your Max Factor counter.

HEMA Moisturizing lipstick in 05

On to the budget product of the month. This lipstick retails for a mere €3.50 and has amazing staying power. It’s a creamy blue-toned fuchsia pink color that is vibrant and definitely gets you noticed. The pigmentation is great: it covers your lips in a nice coat of color in one sweep. And as I already mentioned it stays there. I swatched this lipstick on my arm in the morning for the above picture. Tried wiping it off with a tissue, but was left with a stain. I worked out AND showered and now, 6 hours later after taking the above picture I am still left with a bit of a stain. If you’re in Holland or Belgium: go get your hands on this magnificent budget find.

Balenciaga Florabotanica (30 ML Eau de Parfum)

From budget to expensive: this perfume by Balenciaga definitely tips the scales of your bank account balance closer to the red, but it is well worth the expense. I was in the market for a new perfume in July, not because I ran out of perfume (I don’t think I ever will), but because my lovely mentor students kindly gifted me a giftcard at the end of the school year. I decided to not buy something ‘frugal’ such as a lipstick or a nail polish, but I wanted to buy something that will last me a long time. So perfume it was going to be, as I cannot use too much perfume due to my allergies (I get headaches and the feeling I suffocate from strong smells).

I tried several perfumes, but nothing stuck with me. Until, I smelt this. I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm from the first spray till I had gotten home and it had been on for hours. Wow, this perfume is simply amazing. It lasts a long time and has a mysterious, warm, floral scent to it once it does it’s magic. Which is quite unexpecting as it first smells fresh and light, but then changes, like a schizophrenic perfume. It kept me wanting the smell it and this is one of those ‘a little goes a long way’ perfumes which I love, because I don’t like spraying on too much or too often. Top notes: Mint, Carnation. Heart notes: Hybrid Rose, Caladium Leaves. Base notes: Amber, Vetiver.

Have you tried any products in August that because your fave? Let me know in a comment below, because I would love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. karinmeerbeauty says:

    Wat een goede tip om bio ook op je voeten te gebruiken! Ga het meteen proberen 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Ja ik probeerde het en het werkte super!

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