Diorshow Fusion Mono

The first week of teaching is always the most exhausting and when I’m tired I like to be extra nice to myself. The fact that my home train station doubles as a mini shopping mall with stores staying open later than in town, doesn’t help much either. Often I find myself browsing a few stores and the other day I figured I hadn’t set foot in the luxury drugstore for a while. I went it, expecting to find nothing, only to find all the new fall collections had arrived and with that tons of new products. My eye was immediately drawn to what appeared to be a cream eyeshadow by Dior: the Diorshow Fusion Mono. I hadn’t read nor heard of these before so I submitted them to a closer inspection. After one swatch I was sure: one of these babies is coming home with me!

Check out that little piece of gorgeousness! The color I went with is called Millennium and it is a warmtoned taupe/ grey color with lots of shimmer. My pictures simply couldn’t do it justice as the light captures it differently in every angle. I swatched some on my hand and walked outside and just couldn’t stop turning my hand and stare. One lady who just happened to pass by said: I’d go for the middle one. And that I did. Because there is so much to like about this shadow.

First of all the packaging: the eyeshadow comes in a sturdy class little jar with a classy lid with the CD initials embossed in silver. Second thing to like: the texture. Feels like a cream but works like a powder. It’s easy to blend (see my swatch below), build up in intensity and has great pigmentation. In addition it has all the benefits of a cream shadow: it can easily be used as a base for other colors, but also works on its own. And the staying power is amazing. I had to rub it off with make up remover as a tissue simply wouldn’t do.

The most important reason why this product jumped out to me the way it did, is because the colors are absolutely gorgeous. I was torn between this one and the purpletoned Hypnose for ages. I just couldn’t choose. However, at €32,50 a pop this isn’t something you just casually buy multiples off in one go. I ended up picking Millennium as I thought this color would be most versatile. I wouldn’t use the purple much as a base whereas this type of color does that job much more easily and I tend to wear taupes and browns mostly anyway.

Swatches: sheered out on the left, full on on the right.

More swatches: trying to catch the shimmer. It’s best visible in the top swatch in this collage.

As you can see, the sheen is absolutely gorgeous. Almost like a duochrome but not quite. I find that this applies best with my fingers and I can’t wait to play around with it. I hope to soon be able to post a make up look using this product.

So what do you think? Is this a product you would be interested in?

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