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My friend Karin from posted a tag not too long ago where she had counted every make up item she had. I haven’t counted the amount of make up I have ever since I started storing it in the 3 drawer set it’s been sitting in since 2010. I wasn’t surprised by these numbers, but it does kind of show the ehm… problem, fairly nicely. I simply have a lot of make up. That is old hat. And if you’re curious to know just how much I really have. Well then, keep on reading.

***Disclaimer*** Yes, I have a lot of make up. I like it. I like playing around with it and I like trying new things. Besides I’ve been purchasing make up extensively for almost 6 years now. So it’s not as if this ‘happened’ overnight.

Make up collection earlier this year

First up I’ve decided to count every single last bit of make up I have: from eyeshadow to nail polish, from blushes to brushes. Let’s start with the face make up shall we?

Face products:

  • 1 foundation
  • 2 BB creams
  • 4 face powders
  • 1 primer
  • 5 concealer
  • 7 bronzers
  • 5 highlighters
  • 31 blush

Apart from blush, I am not a big face product fiend. I simply use what I have and that’s that. This is especially the case for face powders and foundations/ BB creams. I have a foundation for winter time and BB creams (one light and darker) for the rest of the year. The powders I have match the three face products and I have a loose Make Up Forever HD powder which I got for free as a gift with purchase from Sephora in the States last year. I only use two bronzers to bronze, the others I like using as a blush or a highlight in spring and summer.


  • 14 pigments
  • 5 duo eyeshadows
  • 13 cream eyeshadows
  • 34 single eyeshadows
  • 17 small palettes (3 – 5 eyeshadows)
  • 26 larger palettes (6 eyeshadows or more)
  • 17 eyeliner (liquid, gel and felt tip)
  • 23 eye pencils
  • 4 lip liners


  • 54 lipsticks (much more than in the picture below!)
  • 21 lipgloss
  • 32 lipbalm

The category that has the most products is definitely been eyeshadow. Apart from nail polish, eyeshadow is the only thing I’ve been using since I was a teenager and I have always had a weak spot for it. Especially when it comes to eye looks I like changing things up: where I can wear the same blush for days and weeks on end, I change my eye make up on a daily basis. In the past year, I have added a slight lipstick addiction into the mix. Where I got rid of more than half of my lipglosses over the past 1.5 years, I have only added that amount in lipsticks. They last longer, and the color pay off is so much better.


  • 3 eyeshadow bases
  • 1 eyebrow powder
  • 2 eyebrow pencils
  • 1 eyebrow gel
  • 1 lip erase
  • 5 mascaras


  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • 37 brushes
  • 4 sets of fake eyelashes

Again no categories to be wowed by. I have the basics I need and pretty much stick to that. The only reason why I have 3 eyeshadow bases was because I bought a Kat von D base last year because I thought my Too Faced one was running out, but that is still going strong. I use MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot as a base as well so I sometimes double it up as my lids are very greasy and I sometimes just need that bit of extra coverage on my lids. The only reason why I have 5 mascaras is because I always keep 1 back up and I was gifted 3 other ones in the course of the year.


238 nail polishes

Nail polish was my first love in the world of beauty and I have been buying it since I was 12 years old. I have bottles that go back that far, so it’s no wonder that I have that much I think. I am going a bit overboard on the top coats though, because I’ve been loving trying out new ones a little too much lately.

Feel free to also do this tag if you’d like!

Note: Pictures are not up to date. I took these last spring. Lighting in my room is terrible at the moment due to scaffolding placed in front of my windows because my house is being painted. The collection looks slightly different now. The numbers are current though.

4 responses to “Make Up by numbers tag”

  1. Rachel Kromdijk Avatar

    Wauw a llottt of make-up im jalous !
    have a nice week girl!

    love your blog!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Same to you 🙂

  2. Karin Avatar

    Zo eindelijk heb ik even de tijd gevonden om je laatste blogposts terug te lezen haha Wat leuk dat je deze tag ook hebt ingevuld. Ik wist natuurlijk al dat je vrij veel hebt, maar wel erg leuk om te zien 🙂 Ik was vooral verbaasd over de hoeveelheid nagellak! Jij hebt echt veel 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja nagellak is al sinds ik klein ben een obsessie van me. Ik mocht vroeger altijd met oma nagels lakken en dat vond ik dan mega interessant. Toen ik 12 was kocht ik voor het eerst zelf potjes nagellak en daar heb ik er ook nog steeds wel een aantal van. Toen ik klaar was met studeren kapte ik van de een op de andere dag met nagelbijten en kwam mijn nagellak tik weer naar boven. 🙂

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