October favorites (2013)

Poof! That’s the sound October made when it disappeared. And that’s how quickly it went by as well. October was the month where I soldiered on at work, went on a trip to London (shoplog to come very soon!) and I got started on my massive room change by cleaning up different areas of my room. Make up, DVDs, shoes, clothes and beauty products are all done. Next up: little trinkets, storage, making a new ‘memory box’ and then on to books & CDs. And during this month there were plenty of things I have been loving: from beauty to music, and from fashion to home decor.

1.) Fluffy pillows

My couch was probably the first thing I overhauled as part of my room change. It’s the only thing ewhich will stay where it’s at as it is a super comfy couch and I love it to death, even though it is definitely not something I would pick out if I’d ever buy one myself. However, with some bedsheets from HEMA and some new pillow cases from H&M, I spruced it up quite nicely. The red colored pillows are the only ones I already head and come mainly from Ikea & Xenos. All other pillows I had I lined with new pillow cases from H&M. Most of them are nice and fluffy which makes my couch even more comfy, as if that was even possible.

2.) River Island ‘hairy’ cardigan

All I can say about this cardigan is: IT’S SO FLUFFY! I think fluffiness is a current theme, but in any case, I wore this cardigan non stop during the month. I threw it over dresses, at work, at home, and was sad when it really really really had to go into the wash. It’s a good thing I love it so much because it wasn’t super cheap either. I believe I paid around 55 euros for this. What I love about it is the fact that it’s heavy enough to stay put, it keeps you warm without overheating and it’s soft and comfy. Since the color is this lovely neutral shade it goes with many outfits and thus it’s versatile. Me likes!

3.) Burgundy/ plum make up looks

And then especially this one. I absolutely love the make up and I don’t often have that. In case you’re wondering: this is a page taken from the Dutch Elle for November. I love how the look is very simple, as it’s pretty much one color for the eyes and the lips. However the color makes it interesting enough and I just love anything burgundy. From the smoked out plum color on the eyes to the berry stained lips and the subtle rosy cheeks: this is a look I think I might try to recreate on myself some time.

4.) New music

This is a bit of a cheat entry as I could feature this every month, but instead of going through indie playlists (I haven’t done so since August!), I have been buying new music at a steady pace throughout this year with the highlight being the past 2 months or so. Some people think I’m strange because I still buy CDs, but I love being able to chuck 5 CDs into my player and just give it a whirl. Some  music just fares better when listened to in album form as well and plenty of great albums have been released this year (and there’s more to come). The picture shows a selection of some of my most recent purchases: Paul McCartney – New, Johnny Flynn – Country Mile, Volcano Choir – Repave, Bastille – Bad Blood (fave CD of 2013 so far!!!), London Grammar – If You Wait, Arcade Fire – Reflector.

5.) Sleek Pomegranate blush

It’s autumn and that means that I am busting out my fall colors again. For some reason I’m especially sensitive when it comes to which blush colors I pick when it comes to the changing seasons. And like every year since I’ve had this, Pomegranate has become my staple fall blush color again. Like any Sleek blush the pigmentation is great. I use a stippling brush to apply this and then blend it out with a clean buffer brush. I sometimes sheer it out a bit more by applying some extra powder over it. It is easily my most worn blush by Sleek. Thanks to Noelle, because if it hadn’t been for one of her blogsales I wouldn’t have had this baby.

6.) Retro style messenger bag from Six

The minute I saw this bag, I knew I had to have it. The colors, the size, the overall look: it just screamed my name. I spotted it as I walked home late at night after dance class and I pretty much went to the store the next day to pick it up. During my London trip I used it continuously and it definitely stood the test as carry-on luggage and as a general purse to carry around town. This is great for shopping sprees, running errands or short visits. This is definitely my favorite bag for the season.

7.) Glitter nail polish

I haven’t been posting many nail polish posts these past few months, but that’s because my nails now seem strongest when I don’t wear any nail polish. So I haven’t been wearing it much and thus my compulsion to buy up any glitter nail polish I see has become a bit unjustified on here. I am working on strengthening my nails though so I hope to be wearing nail polish again in the very near future. As I have plenty of plain colors, I have been buying glitter top coats mostly as these are easily combined with solid, creamy colors to give different effects. This picture depicts some of my most recent purchases: L’Oreal Color Riche Sequin Explosion, Models Own Freak Out, Models Own Hot Stuff, NYC Party Time Blue, NYC Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat Green Day, Barry M Nail Paint Amethyst Glitter.

What are your October favorites?

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