Personal update (#3)

It’s March! Third month of the year, means third personal update of the year. Time to let you into my life a bit and boy what a month it’s been! I had an unwanted unexpected visitor, went to three concerts and saw some friends and family. I have also started to get a grip on my life again, which is nice. I’m recovering, but am not there yet. However, since I like to stay positive all I can say is: the only way is up!

For starters I’ll update you on my burn out situation. I am still at home but I am much more positive now than when I wrote my previous post. For the first time in months I am not feeling super tired as a default and I’m getting better and better at concentrating on tasks. I still get pretty banged up the minute I do too much or have any reason to be stressed out, but as long as I avoid those situations I am doing pretty okay. I got some blood tests done, which showed that there is nothing wrong with me physically and I have also had my first meeting with a psychologist. So I’m still working on getting better, but it’s nice to finally notice some improvement.

Like I said in the intro I had a fairly busy month. Previous to my collapse, I had bought tickets to see some live shows by The Boxer Rebellion, Bastille and Backstreet Boys. I already included Boxer Rebellion in last month’s monthly favorites, because it reminded me of how much I love to see live music. There is nothing more exciting and relaxing to me than to sing along to my favorite songs at the top of my lungs. And when it came to all three concerts, I could do just that. Especially BSB! I was an avid BSB fan until late 2009 and then I just thought: meh. But the minute the European In a World This Tour was announced I knew I had to get tickets. I was a little late in getting them due to work, but me and my cousin ended up seeing plenty and having a great time. And this has instantly given me an idea to create an all new ‘Backstreet Boys music playlist’. Perhaps I should share it with all of you by the time I’m done with that?

Mice gnawed their way through the wall trying to get out

Apart from concerts I’ve also been seeing plenty of family and friends. Not in the first place because I had no other option. I had already made plans to meet up with some people because of the concerts etc. But at the end of February something stressful happened that forced me to sleep at my friends’ place and my parents’ for a bit. I had mice. I live in an old house, so mice are a given where I live. And usually they don’t really pose a problem. This time however, instead of trying to find food in the kitchen, the mice had found their way into my living area. That means: the place where I write this blog, watch TV and sleep. They were in the walls and I couldn’t sleep because of the noise, but I saw them walking around all the time too. It got to a point where they were literally on my couch, in my wardrobe, near my bed and climbing my curtains. None of the traps seemed to work, so after almost 2 weeks of agony, the exterminators came by, I went to my parents to wait for the problem to solve itself and when I came back, the nasty little buggers were indeed gone.

On a positive note: I haven’t seen so many friends and family members in a month’s time in years. I got to see my best friend three times, went for long walks with my mom and my family’s dog, saw all of my extended family, most of my fellow Backstreet friends, and more good friends. And this next month will bring me more of that as I have more birthdays, concerts and other fun things coming up. That, combined with my new found energy and more daylight (hooray for sunlight) is making me a much happier person than I have been in 6 months time. Here’s to hoping that nothing happens to mess that up. Because if there’s one thing my mouse adventure has taught me is that I am nowhere near the old me just yet.

What good things have happened to you this month?

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  1. I read the previous post that you linked here so I could the back-story on this – I just want to say I wish you well and I’m happy to see that things are moving in a positive direction for you! 🙂 It sounds like you were going through a really rough time, so I just hope that things continue to move up! xo

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