Catrice camouflage cream concealer

Another budget product I wanted to try was concealer. I’ve been using Collection’s lasting perfection concealer for more than a year and love that, but since I can only get that from the UK, it would be nice to have a Dutch drugstore alternative. I saw that the Catrice camouflage cream concealer came highly recommended and so, while I was shopping for some budget make up items, I decided to pick it up. And I am reviewing it for you today.

Catrice camouflage cream concealer 010 Ivory

Catrice camouflage cream concealer is available in three different colors of which I bought the lightest shade: 010 Ivory. The concealer comes in a pot with a lid with you screw on with a transparent lid. The packaging isn’t super pretty, but it is definitely practical.

On the back you find the color name and some information. The concealer is supposed to give full coverage. On Catrice’s website I also found the following information:

A true must-have for a flawless complexion. The Camouflage Cream with a long-lasting texture blends perfectly with the skin for invisible correction. It reliably covers irregularities of the skin, pigmentation stains and red veins. The efficient Camouflage Cream offers a high coverage and can be kept in place with powder for a waterproof effect.

Not only does Catrice deem this a product with full coverage, but also long-lasting, easy to blend and should not smudge, smear or budge when adding a bit of powder on top. Sounds promising!

Now the only place where I apply concealer is under my eyes, as that’s the only place that really needs any extra coverage. The texture of this concealer is best described as creamy to the touch but it settles into a more sturdy, almost powdery finish. My favorite way of applying this concealer is with a fluffy brush. With this type of texture, the trick is to use the right amount of product and I find that with my fingers the concelaer goes on too thick and can became cakey looking. That’s why I use the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush to apply this concealer. I lightly tap my brush into the product and apply it in a circling motion in a triangle shape from my inner corner down and along the lashline.

And sure thing: with a bit on powder on top this concealer lasts all day under my eyes and doesn’t crease or get into any fine lines. I’d say the color is spot on for my skin tone, though I like my concealers to often be a tad lighter than my skin for an instant highlighting effect. I find this concealer does have that, but since it’s very close to my natural skin color, it’s not very noticeable unless I add a good inner corner highlight with some eyeshadow to enhance the effect.

Top: no concealer, Bottom: concealer

Left: foundation, Right: foundation + undereye concealer

As you can see on these pictures, the concealer definitely makes a difference. My dark circles are covered and the natural shadows that make me look a tad tired have disappeared. The inner corner appears to have been highlighted ever so slightly and some lines have also lessened. I have some redness near my lower lashlines and that has also been covered up. All in all, my under eye area looks smoother and evened out in the after pictures. I look more awake and that’s exactly the effect I’m going for with concealer.

As a conclusion I feel it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a budget concealer you can trust on Catrice’s camouflage cream concealer. The three colors aren’t super dark though, so maybe if you’ve got darker skin, this won’t suit you, but if one out of three shades matches your skin, you are in for a treat. This is a good concealer that gets the job done at a fair price. I’d definitely repurchase this one as an every day concealer and keep my Collection one for those days when I want a more dramatic effect for my inner corner highlight.

Full face

(Are you getting tired of seeing this picture yet?)

What are your thoughts on Catrice’s  Camouflage Cream concealer?

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