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A while ago I showed you a budget make up shoplog and part of that were two highlighter pens by Catrice. I had heard good things about these highlighters and thought I’d give them a shot as they weren’t too expensive. Both products are meant to go on the eyes and one is great for inner corner and browbone highlighting and the other should work great on the waterline.

Catrice Made to Stay highlighter pen & Inside Eye highlighter pen

The two pens come in sleek packaging and indeed in a penshape packaging as is to be expected. The highlighter pen is a bit thicker than its inside eye counterpart. Both are pink colored and are supposed to last.

Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen 010 Eye Like!

What Catrice says:

This Highlighter Pen is the ultimate must-have for every eye make-up look. The long-lasting creamy and powdery formula sets radiant highlights under your eyebrows or the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Application is totally easy and practical thanks to the retractable pen mechanism. A new highlight for highlights!

When I use this pencil I like to use it in my inner corner mostly. It is a creamy texture when it goes on at first application but sets itself as a powder would. I find it stays put and doesn’t slide around. I use it less often on my browbone as I find the product not that easy to blend all that nicely, but it’s a great on the go product.

Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye Highlighter pen 010 In the Mood for Nude

What Catrice says:

Dazzling Moments: apply the innovative, nude Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen on your waterline to visibly open-up your eyes and make them look bigger. Absolutely indispensible for a radiant, wide-awake look. Thanks to its waterproof texture, this highlight will last until you remove your make-up. With an integrated sharpener. Opthalmologically tested.

I so wanted to love this product. The color is spot on. The light pink goes nicely on the waterline and I find it works much better as a brightener than white or skintoned pencils. Those can look quite fake, but since this pink is a bit brighter than skin color, but not as stark as a white I found it ties in much better. It even comes with a build in sharpener, how handy is that! The only problem with this is that it hardly deposits any color onto my waterline. That is, unless I warm up the pencil on the back of my hand. I give it a few rubs, the creamy texture melts ever so slightly and ta-dah it applies. The only problem with that is that it wastes product and that my friends is a bummer, because other than that it is a good product. But because of the extra step in the application process I find myself not reaching for this as easily.

To show you quickly what these products look like, I have swatched them and I also wore these in my 3o day make up challenge red look, so I have also added those pics to give you an idea of what they look like on the eyes and the effect in a full face.

Left: Inside Eye
Right: Highlighter pen

on the eyes

full face

What is your opinion about these Catrice highlighter pens?


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    Ik vind hem wel leuk 😀

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