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As temperatures heat up, my inclination to wear perfume usually dwindles to minimal proportions. Most smells make my head spin and as my asthma rears its ugly head, as caused by bouts of hayfever, perfume is never a favorite thing to wear during the warmer months for me. I have found though that lighter fragrances that have fresher smells and evaporate more quickly are less likely to cause me any problems. So last summer, when I had some time to spare at Schiphol Airport (the only location in NL where you can find a Victoria’s Secret), and found that they were doing a 3 for 30 euro deal on their fragrance mists, I snatched up three of them: Love Spell, Secret Charm and Forever Pink.

I had never tried the Victoria’s Secret body mists before, but I had heard great things about these. I just love these bottles. They look so pretty on your dresser, which is where I keep mine because they are too big to fit in my drawer where I keep my other perfumes. There is 250 ml of product in each one and come with a clear front and a decorated background. Each fragrance has it’s own color and thus is easy to recognize. On the top you have a standard spray nozzle which allows for a generous yet decent amount of product with one spray.

Since these products are fragrance mists, the scents do not last a long time, though others linger around longer than others. In my discussion of the different smells I will indicate which ones evaporate less quickly than the others. What I like is that the sprays have Aloe Vera and Chamomile in them, be it a bit less and the composition of each one of these is slightly different as well. All the sprays seem to have some sort of combination of flower & fruit scents into one. And I like that, this way, these scents aren’t too sweet and not too florally. I find they are well balanced between the two although as with regular perfume these do develop on the skin and start to smell a tad different as you wear them.

Love Spell is described as smelling like cherry blossom and peach. It smells sweet mostly, with a hint of freshness. To me the sweet peach smell is the strongest one of the two, whereas the cherry blossom takes the sweetest edge off of it and not make it too overpowering. I would describe this smell as walking through a peach orchard and it is the strongest scent out of all three mists I’m showing you today. The ingredients for this one is mostly alcohol, water and perfume. The aloe vera and chamomile are at the bottom of the ingredient list.

The softest scent of the three is Secret Charm. It is the lightest as well and is a mixture between honeysuckle (a type of melon) and jasmine. To me it smells like clean laundry that has been hung to dry in the breeze. It has an airy freshness to it at first, yet becomes a bit more sweet after a wear it for a while. This is perfect for wearing on days when my hayfever decides to act up like a mad man. Again this fragrance contains mostly alcohol, water and fragrance with aloe vera and chamomile all the way at the bottom, yet a bit higher up the list than in Love Spell.

My favorite scent of these three is Forever Pink. It has mostly a floral smell due to the pink tuberose but has a hint of sweetness due to the pear. This smells like a bouquet of freshly bought roses. Rose smells are usually not my thing but I think that the fact that this is infused with a hint of pear, this fragrance does it for me. Another plus to this fragrance mist is that the promised chamomile extract is a lot higher on the ingredient list than with the other two. Yet, again it consists mostly of alcohol, water and fragrance.

I know that just recently Dutch drugstore Etos sold a few different types of Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist for the same price I paid for mine. I’m not sure whether any of those are the same as I have, but it may be worth a look if you don’t have a chance to go to Schiphol, the UK or the US any time soon. My local store still had a few 2 weeks ago, so give it a shot!

What do you think of Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists?
Have you tried any of them? Which is your favorite?

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  1. I miss this version of Secret Charm. The one you can still buy these days is different.
    I think the melon is honeydew, though – honeysuckle is a type of flower.

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