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Body care products are not something I often write about. Most of them have been written about before, or I simply don’t find it very special. But now I’ve found a brand that makes the most luscious body butters and gentle scrubs on the planet in some amazing scents. I’m talking about Sabon. First started in 1997 in Tel Aviv, this body product brand offers a luxurious experience in their stores (you can get a free scrub every time) and it is also a bit more pricy than places such as The Body Shop. A little while ago, a stand alone store opened in my town and I had a little sniff and browse. I took home a body butter and scrub after trying them in store. Not knowing what to expect, I started using them and all I can say is: WOW!

The two products I took home are the Butter Cream in lavender apple and the Creamy Scrub in camomile vanilla. These retail for €19.95/ $26 and €23.95/ $35 respectively. I was especially impressed with the creamy scrub upon first try. They also do a range of salt and sugar scrubs, but my sensitive skin doesn’t usually like that, especially not in winter time, when I tend to use scrubs mostly. This one felt really gentle and smelled nice, so I decided to give it a shot. Since the store had an offer if you bought 2 products, I decided on taking home one of their butter creams as well. I picked this one up for the smell mostly. I already had been using these products once I thought of writing about them on here, as I just had to share. So excuse any sloppy looking products in the pictures below.

Butter Cream in Lavender Apple

Sabon says:

Drenched in goodness, our butter cream is the perfect answer to thirsty skin. This decadent cream contains top quality African Shea butter, Cocoa butter and beeswax for excellent skin rehydration and recovery. Amongst Shea butter’s unique healing properties are reversal of scars and stretch marks, rashes and eczema. Although it is one of the richest moisturizers in the entire product line, it is easily absorbed and smooth as silk. Recommended for normal/dry/cracked skin.

Key ingredients: Olive Oil, Shea Butter

The first good thing about this product starts with the packaging. It comes in a heavy glass jar. Not something you’d take with you when traveling, but it looks nice on your vanity. Next is the rich and creamy texture. The TBS body butters feel like a greasy bunch of nothing compared to the luscious, whipped texture of the butter cream. I’ve been using this as a hand and foot cream before bed time and it’s left me with amazingly soft hands and feet. Despite its thick texture, it doesn’t take long for it to sink into your skin. Again compared to the TBS body butters, this products is absorbed much more quickly. It really does nourish your skin as well and I can immediately tell when I’ve been skipping this one. Last but not least is the amazing smell. It has a very fresh smell with some sweetness to it. It’s a strong smell, but not overpowering. Because of the lavender I find it very soothing and perfect before night time.

Creamy Scrub Camomile Vanilla

Sabon says:

Sabon Creamy Scrub is our most gentle body scrub. Our secret recipe using ground peach kernels and crushed olive seeds makes a winning vitamin- packed combination, almost good enough to eat. This cream-based scrub is great for those with sensitive skin. Choose from Chamomile Vanilla, Carrot; Patchouli and Vanilla Coconut. All skin types

Just like the Butter Cream, the Creamy Scrub comes in a heavy glass jar which makes for a luxurious experience straight away. I just wouldn’t put this in your bathroom. If you’d drop it on the tiles it would shatter into a million pieces. Another downside is the jar container, which is my least favorite for a scrub. Water tends to get into the jar, with ensures your product to expire more quickly. So, although it is very pretty packaging, it is not the most practical. What I do is keep this in a drawer in my room and transfer little amounts to an old Lush shower jelly container which I put in my shower. The thing I love about this scrub is how gentle it is. The seeds in the scrub are also all natural, so nasty plastic scrub particles will end up in the ocean: an added bonus.

The product also lives up to its name: creamy scrub. The texture is creamy with the scrub particle to creamy substance ratio being in favor of the creaminess rather than the scrubbiness. To me that is a great benefit, as this scrub doesn’t just scrub your skin, it also nourishes it at the same time. It makes my skin feel super soft and moisturized rather than leaving it to feel raw and damaged. As with the Butter Cream, the smell of this product is divine. It’s a very calming and warm scent, yet neutral enough for you to layer over body lotion or a shower gel afterwards. The combination of this with the lavender apple butter cream is also a nice one.

And just in case you do not believe me on that rich and creamy texture: here are swatches of both products. Look at how thick these are! Especially the Butter Cream is rich and thick and great for layering on. You only need a thin layer of it to make for great results. So the fact that you pay more for the product, is being made up by it being easy to use sparingly. The scrub is a little less thick, but still very thick for a scrub. You do need quite a bit of this though to cover your entire body. It is not as economic as the Butter Cream, but the fact that this works much better for me than other body scrub I’ve ever used, makes it well worth the money.

The Sabon products may be a bit more expensive than your average body care products, but I think it is well worth the price. The scrub is gentle and kind to my sensitive skin and the cream is rich and moisturizing. If you are looking to treat yourself to some fabulous smelling and feeling body products that leave your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized, I can most certainly recommend this Sabon Butter Cream and Creamy Scrub.

What is your experience with Sabon products?

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    Ik vind de potjes zo mooi! Het ziet er heel fijn uit, wil ik ook een keertje proberen 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Moet je doen, het is echt een fijn merk.

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