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Where my first make up vice was nail polish, and my second one was eyeshadow, in more recent times I’ve become a downright lipstick addict. From heavy smokey eyes, I changed up my look to wearing bright or dark lipsticks. I like doing it to add a pop of color to my look. A great lipstick can be a dealbreaker and because I love lipstick so much, I thought I should to the lip product addict tag. Enjoy!

1. Favourite balm/treatment?

Rosebud Salve & Burt’s Bees honey lipbalm

Before I became addicted to lipstick, I was addicted to lipbalm. You gotta start somewhere don’t you? My favorite lipbalm was and still is Chapstick. Just the straight up classic one is never far from my side and I keep one handy at all times. However, a good lip balm before going to bed, is a must for me and Chapstick just wasn’t cutting it. So I tried Rosebud Salve and that has been the best thing ever. I put some on every night and I wake up with soft and unchapped lips. During the day, my lips can also use a bit of moisture and last year I decided to pick something differently from my lipbalm stash after I ran out of Chapstick. I tried this Burt’s Bees one and love it.

2. Best eye-catching red?

YSL Rouge pur Couture Rouge Neon, 69 Urban Decay

I have too many to count. Red lipstick is quite possibly my biggest obsession. If you’re really making me choose, I still can’t choose between these two: a fabulous orangetoned red and a stunning pinkish red. Both colors are absolutely gorgeous and not your bog standard every day red. So yes, when it comes to the title eyecatching red these definitely win the prize.

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

Catrice Josephine’s Joy & The Nuder the Better, Chanel Rouge Orage & Le Basier

Best drugstore brand has to be Catrice. This budget friendly brand has a good selection of colors, even some matte ones, and overall the lipsticks perform very well for the price you pay for them. Chanel is my favorite luxury lipstick brand. My first luxury lipstick was a Chanel color, so the brand is near and dear to my heart for that reason. The color selection is a bit meh sometimes as they sell out so quickly, but there are definitely a few gems in the Chanel line that no one should pass up.

4. Best MAC lipstick?

MAC Pink Plaid & Russian Red

I guess, when it comes to higher end brands, that MAC is the most heavily represented in my lipstick collection. I especially like their matte line and my two favorite colors are a pinky nude and a neutral red. These last long and come in a great range of colors. MAC Pink Plaid goes with all looks and I have a giveaway going on right now where you can win one brand new one. Russian Red is a c lassic red and I love it for a good in your face red color that amps up any look.

5. The most disappointing?

MAC Creme d’Nude

But not all that glitters is gold. There is one MAC lipstick which just doesn’t work for me and hence I never wear it. It’s MAC’s Creme D’Nude. One of those colors that look fabulously on other people but on my just makes for an instant look of death. Completely nude lips is just not something I can pull off and this is one purchase I reqret. Not only the color but also the staying power (this is a Cremesheen afterall) and the opacity of the color are just off. On top of it all, this lipstick slides around like no other, resulting in a cakey look that highlights everything I don’t want to highlight about my lipst. I cannot for the life of me get this lipstick to work for me.

6. Liner – yes or no?

LA Girl currant, MAC In Synch & Cherry, Essence Coral & Red lip liners

I am not a fan of lipliner. It just too much of a hassle to use. So I only tend to use it whenever I go to a party or wear a lipstick that needs it. In the picture you can see all the lip liners I currently own. Massive number huh? I guess that proves my point that I do not like to use lipliner. A good lipstick will stay put without it. The only time I do choose to wear it, is when I want to wear a lipstick that easily bleeds from my lips, such as MAC’s Ririwoo.

7. Best gloss?

NARS Dolce Vita & Bourjois

I used to own tons of lipgloss. Now, I only own about 10 – 15 of them anymore. I dislike the formula: the stickiness that makes your hair stick to your lips with one swell swoop of the wind. Many of them have glitter, which is another thing I’m not too fond of. The glosses I ended up keeping when I was clearing out my collection, were all favorites of mine. For this post I selected two: one very specific and one more general. NARS Dolce Vita is quite possibly my favorite gloss ever. It is the perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade for me. It is not super sticky (yay!), it is void of shimmer or glitter (double yay!) and it lasts a fair amount of time for a gloss. Bourjois is my other pick and all the glosses I’ve tried by them are great. It’s a good drugstore alternative to the much more expensive NARS glosses.

8. Something extra!

Illamasqua Shard & Urban Decay Venom

For the extra category I decided to show you my favorite darker shades of lipstick. Shard by Illamasqua is a deep berry shade and Venom by Urban Decay is a great purple-y plum. These are quite possible the two darkest shades of lipstick I own and come fall/ winter I’ll be sure to bust these out again. In case you’re wondering: in the profile picture in the sidebar I am wearing Venom.

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