It should be no secret anymore that expanded the number of countries they ship to. And even though they do not ship all the products to the Netherlands, it still makes for some interesting browsing as they stock many brands aren’t available over here. I found plenty of things that I am interested in and I’m still torn between ordering or waiting for a future trip to the US to get them. But if I would place an order, this is what I would get.

Kat von D Monarch eyeshadow palette

My first pick is this stunning and very complete eyeshadow palette. Now I’m the last person who needs another neutral eyeshadow palette, but I love a good neutral palette and so I know I will like this. There are three stunning highlights and the colors seem to be very well coordinated too. And knowing that Kat von D eyeshadow has a good reputation, I’m pretty sure I’ll be liking this.

Bite Beauty Luminous Crème lipstick in Palomino

One type of product that I’m very curious about are the Bite lipsticks. And this color is the one that really stands out to me. A great raspberry red that seems vibrant and if Bite lipsticks are as good as I heard they are, then I’m sure this lipstick will not disappoint.

Tarte Amazonian clay blush in True Love

Another very famous Sephora brand is Tarte and one of their iconic products are their Amazonian clay blushes. I browsed these the last time I was in the States and didn’t pick one up and I’m still regretting it. So the moment I get the chance to buy one of these, I know I’ll pick one up. This color in particular caught my eye.

Hourglass Ambient lighting palette

If you follow any international youtubers, then I’m sure you’ll have seen the Hourglass ambiant lighting powders and I’m really curious about them. That’s why I’d opt for buying the palette, rather than a single powder. This way I’d get 3 different types and I can try them out to my heart’s content.

Anastasia dipbrow pomade in taupe

The brow pomade by Anastasia seems to be a ‘love it or hate it’ type of product. I love their powder, but I just think this product really is something different and innovative if it works well. Of course you never know whether something works for you unless you try it.

Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in Diffused Heat

Apart from powders, Hourglass also do some (apparently) great blushes. There aren’t too many shades and they are coordinated with the different powders they have. I’d have to swatch these before I’d buy one, I think, but from the pictures Diffused Heat looks like it could be my favorite color.

Tarte Brazilliance Face and Body self tanner

I’m not much of a self tanner person, but I’d still like to try it. This I’ve heard works well on light skin tones and should apply like a dream. It does cost 30 euro a pop and that’s a bit steep for a product of which I have no clue whether I’d even use it. And so I’m very much up on the fence about this one.

What products would you like to order from

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  1. De bite lipsticks staan ook op mijn lijstje, maar ik ben niet zo van de online make up aankopen. Ik hou ervan om producten zelf te swatchen, tenzij het Limited Editions zijn, of course.

    • Zelf swatchen is idd 10x beter. Vaak zijn de dingen die ik online koop ook de dingen die ik uiteindelijk het minst gebruik… Je krijgt er toch meer een ‘band’ mee ofzo als je dingen fysiek in de winkel haalt.

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